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SINCE 1995

AsmitA Organic Farms is a growing family business based in Mumbai. We’re bringing food to life with ethical practices for a conscious future. Let’s break it down. Thoughtfully handpicking each of our products from many small farmers across India and our beloved farms in the pristine Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. We ensure the quality of products besides extending a financial support to small farmers by offering 2% of the revenue.

Mr. Muzaffar Hussain
(Founder & Managing Director)
Awarded by ‘Rajiv Gandhi Krishi-Ratna Award 2023’.


Will make your world a better place?

Transparency At Its Core:

No fluff, no hidden agendas. We are here to educate and inform you every step of the way, ensuring you have complete confidence in your decision to switch to organic.

Ethics Above All:

Your well-being is our top priority, and we strictly follow 100% organic practices that prioritize your health. We’ve procured certifications from USDA Organic, Jaivik Bharat, India Organic and Fssai to ensure the highest quality standards.

Embrace The Organic Revolution:

We are 100% organic! With zero use of chemicals, you can trust that our products are safe and beneficial for you and the world around us.

Recipe Ideas

Chickpea Omelette Recipe

Chickpea Omelette

Cooking Time: 20 min

This chickpea omelette is a delightful twist on a classic breakfast favorite. Bursting with earthy flavors and wholesome ingredients, it’s a treat for both your taste buds and your health. The tender mushrooms, juicy cherry tomatoes, and vibrant spinach mingle together to create a symphony of colors and textures. And if you’re feeling a bit indulgent, a sprinkle of cheese adds a creamy richness that takes this dish to the next level.

Yemeni Chicken Mandi recipe

Yemeni Chicken Mandi

Cooking Time: 90 min

Transport your taste buds to the vibrant flavors of Yemen with this tantalizing Yemeni Chicken Mandi. Infused with AsmitA Organic Farms’ aromatic spices, this dish is a symphony of coriander, cloves, cardamom, and more. The succulent chicken, marinated in a rich blend of Hawaij spices, promises a burst of Middle Eastern goodness in every bite. Fragrant kolam white rice, cooked to perfection, forms a fluffy bed for the star of the show. Crowned with golden fried onions, toasted almonds, and plump raisins, this Mandi is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Louisiana Dirty Rice recipe

Louisiana Dirty Rice

Cooking Time: 45 min

Tantalize your taste buds with the rich and robust flavors of Louisiana Dirty Rice, prepared with love and the finest ingredients from AsmitA Organic Farms. This mouthwatering dish offers a delightful blend of textures and tastes that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates. So, why wait? Let’s dive into the enticing world of Southern cuisine!

Caramel Sauce Recipe

Coconut Sugar Caramel Sauce

Cooking Time: 15 min

Savor the smooth and creamy texture of this delicious caramel sauce, made with the best ingredients from AsmitA Organic Farms. The unusual combination of salted butter, double cream, and coconut sugar turns this sauce into a wonderful treat. Rich, golden in color and buttery, delicious, it’s the ideal side dish for your favorite sweets.

Nigerian Jollof Rice recipe

Nigerian Jollof Rice

Cooking Time: 90 min

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey as you dive into the enticing world of Nigerian Jollof Rice, transformed into a masterpiece with the finest ingredients from AsmitA Organic Farms. The heart of this dish lies in the sauce, a symphony of red bell peppers, plum tomatoes, onions, and Indian chilies, simmered to perfection.The star of the show is the rich and flavorful sauce base, which blends seamlessly with our AOF Organic Kolam White rice. Slow-cooked to perfection, the rice absorbs the essence of the sauce, creating a harmonious fusion of taste that’s hard to resist. As your kitchen fills with the mouthwatering aroma of this Nigerian classic, you’ll find yourself counting down the minutes until it’s time to serve. Each grain of rice tells a story of tradition and love, making it a dish that’s not just a meal but a journey for your taste buds.

News & Blogs

As one of the premium organic stores, our ultimate goal is to serve healthy produce to our consumers. At the same time, our unique mission lies in updating you with credible and evidence-based information on the quality of organic food products. While you relish the authentic taste of organic nutrient food products, read our blog posts to know more about organic fruits and vegetables as well as the impact of them on your healthy life!

Buy organic food products from Asmita Organic Farms and begin your succulent journey to a sustainable lifestyle!

Our Certifications


FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certificate ensures food safety compliance for businesses in India, promoting public health.


Organic certificates in India are issued by accredited agencies to verify compliance with organic farming and food production standards.


Jaivik Bharat Organic Certificates verify organic agricultural products in India, ensuring compliance with organic farming standards and sustainable practices.


The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certificate verifies agricultural product compliance with government standards, ensuring quality and safety.

What Our Customers Say

The organic products from AsmitA Organic Farms are of high quality and easy to order from the website. It is easy to tell the difference between other market products and the organic ones offered by their organic food store as their texture and taste are superior. They are also affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pockets.
It is so mentally satisfying knowing that AsmitA Organic Farms organic products are actually organic unlike most products that just claim that they are organic but are actually grown organically. They are high quality products and when it comes to taste they are easily distinguishable from other organic products in the market.
After experimenting with various organic food store in the market, I finally came across genuine organic products by AsmitA Organic Farms. Their website makes an easy job of ordering products online and deliveries are also timely. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices and I hope they maintain their quality.
I had given up on finding organic products after trying hundreds of organic products that weren’t any different from the regular products. I have tried every product offered by AsmitA Organic Farms and have loved every single one of them. From the buying process to cooking these products, it was an overall fulfilling experience.
The first thing that caught my attention about organic products by AsmitA Organic Farms was their packaging. Their branding and packaging is impressive, the product lives up to the expectations and the dishes prepared using them taste good. Their products aren’t as expensive as others and offer good value for money.
Bhavna Bali
I haven’t come across such high quality organic products on e-commerce websites or marketplaces. The packaging was impeccable and the shopping experience offered by their website was also good. After much frustration with trying multiple vendors, I am very much relieved to find a reliable source of organic products.
Sneha Mathreja

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What Is Organic Food?

Organic food is defined as food products cultivated using organic farming strategies. It refers to crops that are grown without synthetic chemical compounds, pesticides, fertilisers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farming prioritises sustainable practices, soil health, and animal welfare. AsmitA Organic Farms is a trusted organic and natural food store serving 100% naturally grown food. We are one of the most reliable sources of high-quality natural and organic fresh food. Our organic food store is committed to providing chemical-free, naturally grown food products that meet strict organic standards. The food also provides a tinge of delightful taste and unaltered flavour that helps satisfy your taste buds. The rich nutrient profile also helps strengthen your immune system. You can enjoy the benefits of consuming chemical-free food and pesticides by choosing organic farm-to-table food.

02. Is Organic Food Safe and More Nutritious?

Yes, organic food is safe to consume and can be equally nutritious as conventionally grown food. Organic non-GMO food offers several other advantages. You can minimise exposure to synthetic pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals by choosing organic and naturally grown food. AsmitA Organic Farms understands the importance of offering safe and nutritious organic food. Our commitment to organic and sustainable farming ensures that our products are safe, organic, and of good quality.

03. Why Choose Organic Food?

Organic and natural food offers abundant health benefits. These benefits necessitate putting quality organic whole food on your plate for a healthy life than non-organic. Firstly, organic farming practices prioritise the environment's health and promote sustainable agriculture. By avoiding synthetic chemicals and pesticides, organic farming helps preserve soil quality and minimises chemical runoff, protecting ecosystems and water sources. Also, organic-based food production prohibits using antibiotics in animal products, promoting animal welfare. If you're looking for a dependable organic-rich food supplier, AsmitA Organic Farms is the best match as an organic food store. We also serve organic and natural food that is chemical-free.Our organic farming practices prioritise sustainability and offer chemical-free, natural, and good-quality food products. Lastly, many people appreciate the taste of organic food, as it is often associated with better flavour and quality.

04. Where to Buy Organic Food?

If you are seeking to buy organic food, you must research online stores specialising in organic and natural food products. Online organic stores provide numerous organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, spices, and other edibles completely free from pesticides and GMOs. It's easy to order organic and naturally grown food products from the convenience of your home, thanks to these online stores. AsmitA Organic Farms understand your organic and natural food needs. Our healthy and caring online organic grocery basket is full of different organic farm-to-table foods. It not only helps you stay naturally fit but also offers you the freedom and convenience of placing an order at virtually any time and from anywhere. Searching for organic certifications and labelling is vital when buying organic-based food online to ensure that the goods adhere to organic requirements. Reputable online stores will display these certifications and provide detailed information about organic farming practices. In addition to online food stores, you can visit local farmers' markets with an online presence. These markets often feature organic farmers offering fresh, locally-grown organic produce. Supporting local farmers can further contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

05. What is the Distinction Between Natural and Organic Food?

Although organic and natural are sometimes used interchangeably, they have distinct definitions. Food products with minimal processing and without artificial preservatives or components are natural food. The word natural is loosely regulated, and usage varies depending on the jurisdiction. As against this, organic foods comply with organic agricultural standards, ensuring they are free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). When food is certified organic, the guarantee of its manufacturing strategies is more reliable. You may additionally feel relaxed, understanding that the foods you consume are produced in a manner that respects the surroundings. AsmitA Organic Farms is an online grocery store serving only the purest and most organic non-GMO food. The food is produced in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way. We have gained trust and reputation by offering our customers a selection of organic culmination, dairy, grains, spices, and other edibles. Our all-organic foods come from small farmers across India and Vidarbha region in Nagpur. Thanks to our highly skilled and dedicated first-class team, you can obtain only the most up-to-date and healthiest organic foods possible. AsmitA Organic Farms prioritises your health and need for organic and natural food to help you lead a better life.

Q.6 Why Should You Opt for Organic Food?

Our ancestors have shown us that to eat natural and organic is to live healthily and happily. With our high-quality products, you can reclaim your health without compromising the taste with organic products right from the farm to your plate. Today, a healthy lifestyle and good well-being have become a global concern. While your health does deteriorate with time owing to modern lifestyle and food sources, what if you can get the best quality organic food products like sugar, salt, spices, flour, and grains delivered to your home within a few clicks? Doesn’t that sound exciting and delightful? You can find the most natural delights of fresh farm ghee, oil, legumes, sugar, salts, fresh fruits, and vegetables for regional species. AsmitA Organic Farms is instituted with the vision of making the organic lifestyle accessible and affordable to every individual. As the best organic food store in India, AsmitA Organic Farms offers the best quality organic grocery online that are curated and chemical-free to promote your health and happiness. With years of experience and goodwill in the field, we thrive to provide you with every food product to support your sustainable culinary dreams. At present, we offer a diverse set of multiple food products you need on a daily basis with the assurance of quality and safety under a single online organic grocery platform. Being one of the leading organic stores, we also believe in empowering our local farmers, which enables us to give you the freshest and most organic produce across the county. AsmitA Organic Farms’ vision is inspired by the ancient farm practices and sustainable lifestyle. Every time you buy organic grocery online from AsmitA Organic Farms, you are helping us to pull back the subversive carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil quality, and secure rural livelihoods while protecting our future generation.