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  • Celebrate Harvest: 15% Off All Items!
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  • Celebrate Harvest: 15% Off All Items!
  • Free shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Celebrate Harvest: 15% Off All Items!
  • Free shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Celebrate Harvest: 15% Off All Items!
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Why Choose AsmitA Organic Farm

Our Agricultural Company

We’re a World-Leading Provider of Organic Products

Spice Plantation

The spice plantation empowers farmers to grow various crops and fruits from the same soil, enhancing their livelihoods. Muzaffar Hussain, under the nurturing expertise of Dr. M. N. Venugopal, the Former Head of the Spice Division at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Mysore, has cultivated an exquisite spice garden that encapsulates the essence of more than 20 varieties of spices.

Sugarcane & Rice Paddy Fields

We believe in making the most of every inch of land. We turn ordinary paddy fields into thriving plantations. Here, farmers plant orange, sweet lime, drumstick, black pepper, and bamboo in between. With the help of the nutrient-efficient Pit method of Sugarcane cultivation, farmers benefit significantly with higher yields and quality, with the potential to surpass earnings of 2-3 lakh rupees per acre.

Farm Visit Testimonial

An educational field visit arranged for Bhasker Agro Rameyti Training Institute allowed local farmers to learn about multi-crop plantations.

Protecting Crops Naturally

At AsmitA Organic Farms, we’ve harnessed the power of ancient Indian wisdom to protect our crops and promote vegetation in the most natural and sustainable way. Our secret lies in JivanAmrut and GhanJivanAmrut, traditional Indian fertilizers and organic manures prepared through a unique fermentation process to retain crop’s nutritional value.

Embark on a journey with Mr. Muzaffar Hussain

Mr. Muzaffar Hussain is a true visionary and a philanthropist at heart. With a passion for organic farming and a drive to help small farmers, he has embarked on a journey to bring positive change to society. His initiative in the barren lands of Vidarbha is a testament to his unwavering confidence and out-of-the-box thinking. In addition to his farming pursuits, Mr. Hussain is a successful politician who has helped transform Mira Road into a modern, self-contained township. As a passionate and determined leader, he aims to bring about transformative societal changes. No fuss; he loves to keep the Earth green and clean! Eating healthy should not be a luxury but a right for all. This vision drives Mr. Hussain to raise the bar of healthy eating through AsmitA Organic Farms. He envisions creating a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world.

What we do


We’ve got a simple recipe for happiness – healthy inside, happy outside! We know that the food you eat affects your health and happiness. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we firmly believe that access to chemical-free food is a fundamental right, and we’re actively involved on the ground to make this a reality for everyone. Our rigorous quality checks & certifications at all production levels, from farm to table, ensure that you can trust the food we offer. Passionate about sustainability, our dedication extends beyond providing clean food. It centres on establishing a food system that enhances the livelihoods of small farmers, guaranteeing the supply of the freshest, chemical-free produce. Let’s eat well, live well, and make a world of difference!
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Our Certifications


FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certificate ensures food safety compliance for businesses in India, promoting public health.


Organic certificates in India are issued by accredited agencies to verify compliance with organic farming and food production standards.


Jaivik Bharat Organic Certificates verify organic agricultural products in India, ensuring compliance with organic farming standards and sustainable practices.


The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certificate verifies agricultural product compliance with government standards, ensuring quality and safety.


We are bringing a food revolution with our sustainable farming!

With our safe, certified organic farming methods and climate-friendly solutions, we aim to provide the goodness of wholesome food to the modern world without compromising the health of the people and the planet. No fluff, no impurities, and no shortcuts.

100% Organic

High Quality

Fair Trade


Join the fight to protect the Earth

Our deep connection to the Earth has inspired us to create a mindful market space with real and organic food products with a low carbon footprint. As we begin this rewarding journey, we would like you to know that it’s just the beginning of our contributions toward saving the planet.

We pledge to save the planet

Choose AsmitA Organic Farms food products that:
Produces less wastage
Builds a greener future
Reduces plastic pollution
Decreases carbon footprint

How does organic farming help save soil?

Jivan Amrut
Soil Biology

Mulching To #SaveSoil

No replacement for nature. We use natural wastes like Toor Dal wastage, Flaxseed wastage, Sugarcane leaves & Arendi (Castor Oil) wastage for mulching. To be exact, it’s the organic mulching which helps us conserve soil moisture and enhance the soil’s health.

Jivan Amrut To #SaveSoil

Organic Jugad! At our farms, cow dung, urine and chaach form the part of natural fertilizer and pesticides. It increases the soil’s microbial count, which supplies the plants with essential nutrients.

Healthy Soil Biology To #SaveSoil

Because everything begins with healthy SOIL, we make sure to add healthy biologicals like beneficial microbes to be a part of the significant soil component. Our farming techniques rely on the principle of no shortage of nutrients in the soil, air, and water and where organic matter is recycled.

We have a dream where animals are free

Do you adore animals as much as we do? Makes two of us! Happiness for us is seeing our Indian Gir breed cows feed on fresh organic pasture and live a cage-free life with easy access to the fields. The way things were intended. At AsmitA Organic Farms, they can roam and grow beautifully in their natural habitat. They are our family, and we make sure they are treated with the much-needed care, love and respect.

ASMITA'S LEGACY since 1985!

The company grew brighter when AsmitA India Realty in Mira Road transcended beyond building homes to elevating the community with contributions, collaborations and increased value. Mr. Muzaffar Hussain demonstrated a keen attention to detail in his approach to the comprehensive development of Mira Road, encompassing real estate, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. With aspirations for continued growth, our dreams have gotten bigger and bigger! (Still working to reach for the stars, though!)

AsmitA Group's thriving ecosystem with extended vertices in diferent industries is as follows-

  • AsmitA Club
  • AsmitA Organic Farms
  • AsmitA Agro Tourism
  • AsmitA Resorts
  • AsmitA Architecture College
  • AsmitA Education & Healthcare Foundation
  • Sultan Khan Educational Trust
  • Umrao Institute Of Medical Science And Research
  • Universal Asmita High School
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