Organic Bajra Whole | Pearl Millet | Kambu

Organic Bajra Whole | Pearl Millet | Kambu

Indulge in the wholesome goodness of gluten-free organic Whole Bajra Pearl Millet available online, known for its abundant fiber content, essential micronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids.

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  • 100% organic product & soil certification
  • Return Policy: Easy exchange as quality matters
  • 2000+ farmers practice organic farming with AsmitA
  • Mumbai: Next day delivery, Pan India: 4-5 days
  • Use Bajra flour to make Khichdi, Upma, and wholesome Pancakes.
  • For a healthy snack, use Bajra to make ‘Khakhras’ and ‘Nimki’.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
What’s NOT there
  • Chemicals
  • GMO
  • Additives
  • Toxic Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colours


Pearl Millet, a cherished staple in various cultures worldwide, offers an earthy and nutty flavour that enriches a wide array of dishes. This high-protein grain is not only delicious but also promotes heart health and helps manage blood sugar levels. Whether you’re preparing a wholesome porridge, baking hearty bread, or adding a delightful twist to your salads, AsmitA Organic Farms’ versatile Pearl Millet can effortlessly elevate your culinary creations. If you want to buy bajra online, you can get it from our website at an affordable price.

Bajra whole millet’s low glycemic index helps regulate glucose absorption, making it an excellent choice for individuals with diabetes or those aiming to maintain stable blood sugar levels. With its rich nutrient profile and culinary versatility, incorporating Pearl Millet into your diet not only enhances your culinary experience but also contributes to your overall well-being, ensuring a delicious and nutritious dining experience that nourishes both body and soul.

Recipe Ideas

Burmese Dal and Chicken recipe

Burmese Dal and Chicken

Cooking Time: 75-80 min

In the heart of Burmese tradition, Chicken Dal Curry is not just a dish; it’s a warm embrace of flavors and heritage. This comforting stew intertwines yellow split peas and bone-in chicken thighs, creating a symphony of spices that dance on your palate. As the aroma of paprika, turmeric, and Madras curry fills your kitchen, you’ll be transported to the bustling markets of Burma, where every dish tells a story.

Foxtail Millet Appam Recipe

Foxtail Millet Appam

Cooking Time: 30 min

Take a bite out of the delicious Foxtail Millet Appam, a South Indian delicacy that mixes the flavor of AsmitA Organic Farms’ foxtail millet with the benefits of buttermilk and other necessary ingredients. Enjoy a guilt-free treat with a boost of health benefits from these appams, a lovely blend of tradition and nutrition. Taste the crispy outside and soft inside for a satisfying snack that fuels your body as well as your taste buds.

Barnyard Millet Pudding recipe

Barnyard Millet Pudding

Cooking Time: 40 min

Savor the wholesome delight of Barnyard Millet Pudding, a decadent dessert that seamlessly blends health and indulgence. AsmitA Organic Farms’ Barnyard Millet, a nutrient-packed superfood, takes center stage in this luscious treat. Rich in fiber, protein, and essential minerals, this pudding is a guilt-free pleasure that caters to both your taste buds and well-being. The velvety texture and natural sweetness from jaggery powder make it a delightful, heartwarming dessert that will leave you craving more. Elevate your dessert game with this nutritious indulgence!

Bajra Pizza

Bajra Pizza 

Cooking Time: 30 min

Enjoy a guilt-free gourmet treat with our Pearl Millet Base Pizza, a nutritious take on a beloved classic. Bursting with nutrients and a unique nutty flavor, the AsmitA Organic Farms’ pearl millet flour forms the foundation of this wholesome pizza. Packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it’s a delightful way to enjoy a pizza without compromising on your well-being. Each bite is a celebration of taste and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and delicious meal.

Quinoa Salad recipe

Quinoa Salad

Cooking Time: 20 min

Savor the vibrant flavors of our nutritious Quinoa Salad – a symphony of health and taste. Packed with vibrant colors and robust nutrients, each forkful is a celebration of wholesome goodness. AsmitA Organic Farms’ Quinoa takes center stage, complemented by the crispiness of bell peppers, the sweetness of carrots, and the earthiness of beans. This recipe is a symphony of textures and tastes, offering a guilt-free feast that’s as nourishing as it is indulgent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Organic Bajra good for health?

Organic Bajra Whole millet, known and popular as Pearl Millet, is a highly nutritious and easy-to-digest cereal grain. It is an incredibly healthy nutriment naturally rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Organic Bajra Whole is power-packed with beneficial antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemicals. All these are known for contributing to optimal human health and wellness.

You can cook and prepare Bajra whole millet in different delightful ways to not only satisfy your taste buds but also benefit from protein, carbs, and fibre. You can include Bajra in your everyday meal by combining it with protein-rich dishes containing lentils, cottage cheese, soya chunks, some fresh fruits, and a vegetable smoothie or salsa to make a perfect platter for the recommended balanced diet.

If you want to buy Bajra online, you can be confident of AsmitA Organic Farms. We provide only the most authentic, quality, and organically grown Bajra whole from our Farms in Vidarbha and across India.

Is this Online Bajra Pearl Millet Whole Organic Certified?

Yes, the online Bajra Pearl Millet Whole available at AsmitA Organic Farms is 100% certified organic. Our Bajra Pearl Millet Whole and all our products are organically certified by USDA Organic, Jaivik Bharath, FSSAI, and India Organic.
You can trust that our Bajra Pearl Millet Whole is grown and processed using organic farming methods, free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals. You can check our 1kg pearl millet price on our website and enjoy the wholesome goodness of organic Bajra Pearl Millet Whole while supporting sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture practices.

What are the other names of Organic Bajra in India?

Organic Bajra, also known as Pearl Millet, is called by various names across India. In different regions, it is referred to as "Kambu" in Tamil, "Sajje" in Kannada, "Bajri" in Gujarati, "Sajja" in Telugu, and Kambam in Malayalam. These regional names reflect the widespread cultivation and consumption of Bajra whole across India.
Whether you call it Bajra whole millet, Pearl Millet, Kambu, Sajje, Bajri, Sajja, or Kambam, whole bajra is a nutritious grain offers a range of health benefits and is a versatile ingredient in many traditional Indian dishes.

Why is Organic Pearl Millet better than Regular Pearl Millet?

Organic pearl millet is considered better than regular pearl millet because it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farming practices ensure that the grain is free from harmful chemicals and retains its natural nutritional profile. Additionally, organic pearl millet promotes environmental sustainability by supporting soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation. By choosing organic pearl millet, consumers can enjoy a healthier option that is not only good for their well-being but also for the planet.

Can Bajra Whole Grain Millet be eaten daily?

Bajra whole millet is a nourishing grain that is nutrient-dense and easily digestible. It is high in protein and contains fibre and various vitamins and minerals in abundance. It is generally considered safe to eat Bajra daily as long as it is prepared and consumed wisely. When eaten regularly, it promotes digestive health and prevents constipation.
Organic Bajra Whole can be used in the daily diet in various forms, such as flour to make flatbreads or dosa, grains to make porridge, processed grains such as poha or upma for breakfast, and ready-to-eat snacks like multi-grain biscuits and cookies. It's important to make healthy dietary choices to maintain good health.
Opt for a balanced and varied diet containing all the required nutrients. Consuming Whole Bajra regularly in moderation can benefit your skin, bones, digestive system and immune system. However, before making any dietary changes, consult a healthcare professional.

What are the Benefits of Organic Bajra?

Bajra, also known as pearl millet, has long been a staple in Indian households and is cherished for both its culinary versatility and health benefits. Pearl millet is known for a plethora of benefits:
Nutritional Richness: Organic Bajra Whole is packed with iron, protein, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, and phosphorus.
Brain And Muscle Health: The potassium in Bajra supports nerve signal transmission, enhancing brain function and muscle communication.
Vitamin A Boost: It's notably rich in Vitamin A, essential for vision and immune health. Gluten-Free Option: Being gluten-free, it's a safe choice for those with gluten allergies or celiac disease.
Weight Management: Incorporating Bajra into your diet can aid in weight management.
Essential Amino Acids: It's abundant in amino acids like lysine, methionine, and cystine, vital for tissue growth and energy production.
Bone Strength: The high phosphorus content in Bajra helps strengthen bones.
Digestive Health: Its dietary fibres are beneficial for relieving constipation and managing diabetes.
Disease Prevention: Regular consumption may help prevent chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.
Ideal for Pregnancy: Its iron and folic acid content makes it a healthy choice for pregnant and nursing mothers.
Fitness Enthusiasts: The high protein content makes it an ideal dietary addition for gym-goers.


good for breakfast when roasted and added milk

jack dmello

My grandmother likes to consume bajra the old way. We buy this bajra whole, she sprouts them and then we get it grinded into atta. We like the quality of this product and have been using it for a year now.

Priyani D

I like this kambu, I make kambu dosa with this and the texture of the dosa turns out to be good.


At my home, Bajra raab is a must in winters. It is filling, keeps you warm and full of warmth. This organic bajra is simply good. Cooks easy, tastes yumm!

Reeta Kulkarni

sometimes my sister makes bajra khichdi and this time we tried asmita's bajra and we are happy with the taste and texture.

Kusum Taneja
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