Organic Peanuts

Relish the earthy and delicious flavour of AsmitA Organic Farm’s raw peanuts, packed with protein, vitamins, iron, and dietary fibre.

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  • 100% organic product & soil certification
  • Return Policy: Easy exchange as quality matters
  • 2000+ farmers practice organic farming with AsmitA
  • Mumbai: Next day delivery, Pan India: 4-5 days
  • Add peanuts or peanut butter to your bowl of granola.
  • Add it to your shakes, sandwiches, and smoothies to add the nutty and buttery flavor.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
What’s NOT there
  • Chemicals
  • GMO
  • Additives
  • Toxic Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colours


Discover the perfect blend of taste and health with AsmitA Organic Farm’s raw peanuts. These handpicked organic peanuts are a little powerhouse of nutrients, making them an ideal addition to your diet. With a low Glycemic Index, they provide sustained energy while keeping blood sugar levels in check. So, add our organic peanuts to chutneys and curries or dry roast them as a tasty snack. Enjoy their crunchy texture and nutty flavour guilt-free by ordering them online from Asmita Organic Farms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are Organic Peanuts Good for Health?

Yes, eating Organic Peanuts has numerous positive impacts on the human body. While Peanuts have a significant amount of fat, most are considered ‘good fats’. These types of fats will aid in lowering cholesterol levels. The dietary fibre content in the Peanuts facilitates effective digestion and keeps you full for longer periods. As the powerhouse of phytochemicals like resveratrol, consuming these Peanuts will inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and control optimal blood sugar levels in the body. These bioactive components will benefit your health in more than one way and promote your overall lifestyle. Peanuts are also a low-glycemic food, making them ideal for controlling blood sugar levels.

02. What Are the Benefits of Organic Peanuts?

The farm-fresh and naturally grown Peanuts are rich in plant-based protein, which has a higher satiety value with fewer calories. As a nourishing plant-based source, Peanuts are high in varied vitamins, dietary fibres, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. When consumed daily, they can be a healthy part of the weight loss diet and reduce the danger of heart disease and the development of gallstones. To gain optimal health benefits, you can choose to consume raw Peanuts with the peel on. They are high in antioxidants and omega-6 and 3 fats which prevent cell damage, thereby reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Peanuts have a high content of unsaturated fats that promote a healthy heart, whereas a low-glycemic index makes it ideal for people with diabetes. Given the widespread nutrition, Organic Peanuts are vital to your health and will be a mainstay in your diet.

03. Can Organic Peanuts Be Eaten Daily?

Yes, the all-organic and natural Peanuts from AsmitA Organic Farms are the healthiest and safest snack for regular consumption. The Peanuts' low glycemic index and rich nutritious profile make them an excellent addition to your healthy lifestyle. Be it raw or roasted nuts, they are a good source of Vitamin E, manganese and other beneficial nutrients. However, the recommended limit for Peanuts should be around 42 grams. Remember to consume them in moderation as they are naturally high in calories and not be eaten excessively.

04. What is the Price of Organic Peanuts?

Raw Peanuts are widely consumed across India due to their positive health effects on your body. Both children and adults love the delectable taste and nutty aroma. If you want to add natural Peanuts to your diet, opt for the organic variety to reap the maximum benefits. However, organically and naturally grown peanuts can be a little costlier than conventionally grown ones. Their price may also change from store to store. Besides all these, factors like supply, demand, and inflation can altogether alter their price.

05. What is the Difference Between Peanuts and Organic Peanuts?

Regular Peanuts are grown in the field with the heavy usage of pesticides, especially synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, irradiation, and GMOs. Such raw Peanuts are laden with harmful chemicals and can cause profound adverse effects on your health in the long run when absorbed into your body. Organic and farm-fresh Peanuts, on the other hand, are pesticide-free and are grown by implementing organic practices, owing to their stringent adherence to natural and organic standards. Since no synthetic chemicals are used in organic farming, the soil will be detoxified, ensuring environmental sustainability. Consuming your favourite Peanuts from AsmitA Organic Farms will benefit your health and our planet equally.


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