Organic Moong Dal-Yellow

Organic Moong Dal-Yellow

Experience the wholesome goodness of Organic Moong Dal – a nutritious, flavourful lentil with abundant health benefits – perfect for a balanced diet.

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  • 100% organic product & soil certification
  • Return Policy: Easy exchange as quality matters
  • 2000+ farmers practice organic farming with AsmitA
  • Mumbai: Next day delivery, Pan India: 4-5 days
  • Use fragrant spices to make Dal khichdi or moong Dal fry.
  • Use it to make popular kachoris and khastas for evening snacks.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
What’s NOT there
  • Chemicals
  • GMO
  • Additives
  • Toxic Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colours


Dive into the delectable flavours and healthful advantages of AsmitA Organic Farm’s Organic Moong Dal. Harvested from the fertile fields of Vidarbha, this nutritious yellow lentil emerges as a veritable powerhouse of essential nutrients. Overflowing with protein, fiber, iron, and magnesium, Organic Whole Moong stands as a robust support for muscle growth, aids in digestion, and contributes to a healthy gut.

Beyond its nutritional prowess, yellow Moong Dal proves to be a versatile culinary component, elevating dishes like dal tadka with rice or a refreshing sprouts salad. To savour the nourishing qualities of this lentil, effortlessly order moong dal online from AsmitA Organic Farms. Elevate your culinary experience and embrace the wholesome goodness packed in every grain of AsmitA Organic Farms’ Organic Whole Moong Dal. Your taste buds and well-being will undoubtedly thank you for this delightful choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is Organic Moong Dal Good for Health?

Organic Moong Dal is a staple food popular in Indian cuisines and an easily accessible pulse. It can not only be prepared as a delectable dish but also holds various nutritional benefits. As the name suggests, the all-organic Dal is grown under sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, and organic farming practices. It has also been collected using natural methods. Besides taste and flavour, the farm-fresh yellow Moong Dal offers numerous health benefits. The iron- and potassium-rich Dal helps improve heart health. It contains vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that support a healthy body. The nutrient-rich Dal ensures proper blood circulation. Organic is better for your health and tastes great on your diet while remaining an environmental-friendly staple.
At AsmitA Organic Farms, you can expect a chemical-free Yellow Moong Dal, which is naturally sourced to preserve the nutrients and flavour of the product.

02. Is this Yellow Moong Dal whole organic certified?

Yes, indeed! AsmitA Organic Farms takes pride in ensuring that our Yellow Moong Dal is not just organic but 100% certified. It's not limited to just the moong dal; our commitment extends to all the products within the AsmitA Organic Farms range. Every item on our organic roster undergoes rigorous certification processes to meet the highest organic standards. We source our products meticulously, guaranteeing that they originate from organic farming practices.
When you choose AsmitA Organic Farms, you're not only opting for the wholesome goodness of organic yellow mung dal beans but also embracing an entire collection of certified organic products. From yellow lentils to grains and beyond, each offering is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the purest and healthiest organic options.
Get Organic Moong Dal Online from our website for a hassle-free experience. So, rest assured, your Yellow Mung Dal and every product from AsmitA Organic Farms is certified organic, bringing you, the goodness straight from nature to your table.

03. Is mung dal and Yellow Lentils the same?

Certainly! Mung dal and yellow lentils are practically identical. When a recipe mentions one or the other, feel free to swap them. Both come from mung beans and offer versatility in cooking. So, whether it's mung dal or yellow lentils, you're essentially getting the same tasty and nutritious legume!

04. What are yellow mung beans?

Yellow mung dal beans are small, oval-shaped legumes that belong to the legume family. These beans, scientifically known as Vigna radiata, are the mature form of green mung beans. When the green mung beans dry, they turn a yellowish color, and this variety is often referred to as yellow mung beans. These legumes are a popular staple in many cuisines worldwide, valued for their nutritional benefits.
Yellow mung dal beans are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are commonly used in various dishes, such as soups, stews, curries, and salads. Due to their versatility and health benefits, yellow mung beans are a nutritious addition to a balanced diet.

05. Can Organic Moong Dal Be Eaten Daily?

Yes, you can eat these yellow Moong Dal Beans daily unless you are allergic to them. A normal yellow Mung Dal Beans undergoes a polishing process to appear glossy and fresh. All-organic and natural Moong dal is neither polished nor has any additives added to it. That is why the Moong Dal is highly beneficial for your health. The inclusion of this sustainable staple into your daily diet will strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.
This Dal is rich in protein, which will help you stay fit, while the fibre content will keep you satiated for longer, thereby aiding in weight loss. Nonetheless, make sure the daily consumption of this staple is at a moderate level. The fact is that excess food is unhealthy; hence, consuming yellow Moong Dal might reverse the benefits. You can buy Organic Moong Dal Online from our website at an affordable price.

06. What is the online price of Organic Moong Dal?

Organic Whole Moong Dal is one of the favourite beans loved by people all over India and is packed with vital nutrients. However, Moong Dal price changes from store to store. At some stores, it is costlier than conventionally grown Dals.
AsmitA Organic Farms ensures that Moong Dal Price is affordable and truly organic and puts straight on your table from the farms in Vidarbha and across India. However, you must understand the price is susceptible to change because of changing supply, demand, and inflation. You can check out the prices of our Organic Moong Dal Online from our website.

07. What are the Benefits of Organic Moong Dal?

An all-organic and healthy Moong Dal is an excellent source of natural plant-based proteins, which offers numerous health benefits. The light and easy-to-digest Moong Dal enhances your metabolism and aids in healthy weight management. Moong dal is healthier than other Dals due to its low-carb content. The protein content in this superfood contributes to the healthy building of muscles, bones and cartilage. The iron and potassium in the Moong Dal make it an ideal meal for people suffering from hypertension. It also aids in forming healthy red blood cells, improves blood circulation, and prevents the development of anaemia. It also contains iron and potassium, which prevents irregular heartbeats. The low glycemic index of Moong Dal helps to lower insulin and blood glucose. The presence of folic acid in the Dal stimulates healthy brain function. As the powerhouse of the vitamin-B complex, the chemical-free farm-fresh Dal can readily convert carbs to glucose to fuel the body. For instance, daily consumption of Organic Yellow Dal is healthy for diabetic people as they have a low glycemic index and maintain daily blood sugar levels.


I bought the 500gm pack moong dal, i like it. Now i buy more dals. The price is good, quality is very good.


Ordered this organic Mooong Dal just yesterday and it got delivered today. The delivery to Bombay was fast and great. The dal is not polished and is truly good!

Harshita Hada

I ordered moong dal for my sister and she loved the taste of chilla we made of asmita quality

Sahil Bhatia

quality bohot accha hai, It gives a nice texture to my moong dal halwa.

Shashank Bagvati
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