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Buy Organic Pulses Online  

Are you looking for a delectable yet nutritious way to add precious protein to your diet? Look no further than AsmitA Organic Farm’s wholesale organic pulses online. Our pulses are certified organic produce, fostered without harmful pesticides or other chemical products. The organic range of unpolished pulses is carefully processed to retain the goodness of nature, the maximum level of nutrients, and the delicious taste of the product. They are also free of GMOs, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality pulses in the market. AsmitA Organic Farms have been revolutionising the concept of organic food since its inception. Our 100% organic pulses will add a scintillating flavour and unforgettable taste to your meal. Our most delicious and healthy organic pulses will enrich your meal and hypnotise your taste buds. Once you place your order, our naturally-grown and affordably-priced pulses will be delivered right to your doorstep! Place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are organic pulses?

Organic pulses are a daily required food product to lead a healthy and energetic life. Pulses (dal) are an excellent source of dietary protein, which can be a great addition for those on a meat-free diet. The category includes chana dal, urad dal, and moong dal. The term pulse originates from the Latin term ‘puls’, which means mush and thick. Pulses are crops that are primarily grown for their seeds. Simply put, they are dried grains of leguminous plant sources. Therefore, they have to be harvested in the form of dried grains, unlike other crops harvested when they were green. Normal, branded pulses have to undergo advanced polishing techniques to look glossy. Organic ones do not undergo any polishing process and will have a dull appearance without any loss of nutrients.

2. Are organic pulses safe?

Yes, the consumption of organic or naturally grown pulses is completely safe. Moreover, they are becoming a part of people’s daily conversation and consumption. They are free of chemicals, harmful pesticides and fertilisers, which certifies them as organic food that is wholesome and unrefined. Consuming organic dal daily will help you reduce your blood cholesterol level, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also helps maintain the ideal glucose level in the blood, especially for diabetic individuals. The presence of essential amino acids like cysteine and methionine makes it a better breakfast option than cereals or bread for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, pulses are considered a favourable addition to your diet due to fibre, protein, essential vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. At AsmitA Organic Farms, you can purchase the desired quality and quantity of pulses at reasonable online prices at your convenience.

3. Why are organic pulses important?

Going back to nature through organic produce has become the newest trend and is equally crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle. Indian cooking is incomplete without organic pulses. These organic dals' versatile and nutritious nature helps you improve your immunity. Most types of pulses contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that prevent the onset of cancer. They are an excellent gluten-free addition to your diet and can be a happy treat to your taste buds. Switching to an organic lifestyle will be easier when you can choose from the wide range of healthy pulses available at AsmitA Organic Farms. Our organically grown pulses are packed with essential nutrients to help detoxify the body, ultimately enhancing your overall well-being.

4. Should you buy organic pulses online?

Yes, you can easily buy organic pulses online at an economical price. India is one of the biggest consumers of pulses in rural and urban areas. It is commonly devoured with chapati and rice, the daily staple meals of Indian households. Having a better understanding of the ubiquitous role of dal in Indian households, AsmitA Organic Farm offers a wide range of pulses readily available on our website. Pulses from our collection are completely chemical-free and are known to be better for your health. We offer exclusive packages of (500 gram/1 kg) organic healthy pulses at variable economic costs. The price tag might vary, but the quality remains consistent.

5. What are the benefits of eating organic pulses?

Compared with normal varieties, organic pulses have higher nutritional value, are free from preservatives, and are entirely sustainable. Consuming the organic food of pulses together with grains and legumes will do wonders for your overall health. They are high in dietary fibre that eases healthy digestion and maintains normal bowel functioning. For instance, among the various types of organic dal, moong dal is known for its excellent dietary fibre content. They are also rich in complex carbs and proteins, twice as high as whole grains like barley, rice, wheat, and oats. Pulses are a strong source of folate, which is vital to generate and maintain the health of new cells. As a result, pulses are a necessary addition to the diet of children who are underweight and malnourished. Consuming adequate pulses is recommended for steady growth and development in them. In addition, eating organic produce is also known for its safe environmental practices for those who wish to keep mother nature clean and sustainable for present and future generations. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we follow traditional farming methods and employ the latest techniques to procure and preserve high-quality organic, nutritious dals. Given the growing need for healthy food sources, we leave our consumers with the best produce for their health and nutritional needs.