• Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
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  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India

Embark on a journey
with Mr. Muzaffar Hussain

Mr. Muzaffar Hussain is a true visionary and a philanthropist at heart. With a passion for organic farming and a drive to help small farmers, he has embarked on a journey to bring positive change to society. His initiative in the barren lands of Vidarbha is a testament to his unwavering confidence and out-of-the-box thinking. In addition to his farming pursuits, Mr. Hussain is a successful politician who has helped transform Mira Road into a modern, self-contained township. As a passionate and determined leader, he aims to bring about transformative societal changes. No fuss; he loves to keep the Earth green and clean! Eating healthy should not be a luxury but a right for all. This vision drives Mr. Hussain to raise the bar of healthy eating through AsmitA Organic Farms. He envisions creating a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world.
Life in the Golden Age It all started when our founder, Mr. Muzaffar Hussain, acquired his first piece of land at Ramtek, Nagpur, in Maharashtra.
800 km from Mumbai The journey began, and Mr. Hussain was on his way to revolutionizing Indian agriculture from Ramtek, Nagpur.
Continued in Dhanau After his perpetual desire to understand more about the farmlands, Mr. Hussain also explored the lands in the coastal region of Dhanau to nurture nature through his ongoing unique plantation practices.
To change, to have an impact With time comes experience, and Mr. Hussain identified the need for change to better support the farmers and the planet. Thus he introduced 100% organic farming techniques to produce chemical-free products for the community.
The first of its kind His unflinching belief made him the first visionary to have set the one-of-a-kind 'organic spice garden' plantation module in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.
Here we are Meet AsmitA Organic Farms, where 100% real food will not be rare! Where farmers will have their fair share, and the world will have access to supreme quality chemical-free food. And the planet? It shall only breathe respect, love and care.

What’s our mission?

With our safe, certified organic farming methods, AsmitA Organic Farms aims to provide the goodness of wholesome food to the modern world without compromising the health of the people and the planet. We aim to stick to our roots to make an actual difference.
One seed at a time!

Food is the core of our existence, and we can live a happy life only when our core is healthiest

ASMITA'S LEGACY since 1985!

The company grew brighter when AsmitA India Realty in Mira Road transcended beyond building homes to elevating the community with contributions, collaborations and increased value. Mr. Muzaffar Hussain demonstrated a keen attention to detail in his approach to the comprehensive development of Mira Road, encompassing real estate, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. With aspirations for continued growth, our dreams have gotten bigger and bigger! (Still working to reach for the stars, though!)

AsmitA Group's thriving ecosystem with extended vertices in diferent industries is as follows-

  • AsmitA Club
  • AsmitA Organic Farms
  • AsmitA Agro Tourism
  • AsmitA Resorts
  • AsmitA Architecture College
  • AsmitA Education & Healthcare Foundation
  • Sultan Khan Educational Trust
  • Umrao Institute Of Medical Science And Research
  • Universal Asmita High School
We’re 35 years old but still very young at heart! Besides building smart homes, AsmitA Group desires to deliver the best quality and clean food to its residents and everyone.
We have a variety of exciting offerings in store for you! Join us in our mission to deliver the best, and be a part of something truly special.

Core Values






Sustainably Sourced


100% Certified




Giving Back


What can AOF help you with?


Sound Health

Great Gut Health

High Energy Levels

Strengthen Immunity

Improved Heart Condition

Nutritious Food

No chemicals, only goodness of handpicked ingredients.

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