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Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder Juice for Skin, Hair, Weight loss & More

powdered wheatgrass benefits

Nowadays, people are inclined towards trying different dietary supplements in search of a potent natural elixir for optimal health and wellness. One such superfood revered by health enthusiasts and nutritionists is powdered wheatgrass. It is derived from the young shoots of the wheat plant (Triticum aestivum) and provides an array of health-boosting benefits. Wheatgrass juice has found greater use as a dietary supplement and detoxifying agent over the centuries. Wheatgrass juice benefits range from boosting immunity to being antiseptic. On the other hand, the powdered wheatgrass benefits include being a rich source of glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Today, powdered wheatgrass juice is included in the daily routines of health-conscious individuals because of the nutrition that wheatgrass provides. The powdered wheatgrass benefits your body by offering vitamins A, C, E, and K, iron, calcium, magnesium, and phytonutrients. The superfood wheatgrass is a rich source of chlorophyll, which assists in eliminating harmful toxins. It is popular amongst those seeking weight management and boosts boosting immunity. That is why if you are looking for an alternative to caffeine-based stimulants, then powdered wheatgrass juice is the perfect one. Let’s explore the powdered wheatgrass benefits in detail!

Table of Contents

Powdered Wheatgrass Benefits

Wheatgrass powder benefits boast a rich nutritional profile that provides an array of benefits to our body. The benefits of wheatgrass also include protection against different health conditions and fighting free radicals in the body. Below are the essential powdered wheatgrass benefits in detail:

powdered wheatgrass benefits

a. Wheatgrass Powder for Skin

Vitamins in powdered wheatgrass juice promote collagen growth in the skin. It is believed to keep the skin firm and elastic by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. People tend to look younger and more youthful because the antioxidants protect their skin cells from free radical damage, preventing premature aging. Moreover, due to its detoxifying properties, the superfood wheatgrass can also help cleanse your body from toxins and pollutants. Therefore, wheatgrass reduces acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

On the other hand, some of the powdered wheatgrass benefits are reducing inflammation, alleviating its symptoms, and promoting a clearer complexion. Chlorophyll can help oxygenate your skin, improving blood circulation and promoting a healthy glow. The wheatgrass health benefits also include reduced dark spots and blemishes, giving the skin a more even tone.

b. Wheatgrass Powder for Hair

Wheatgrass powder helps to nourish the hair follicles and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp by removing dead skin cells from the scalp and promoting hair growth. The powdered organic wheatgrass has an abundance of mineral contents like iron, zinc, or selenium, which are essential for strong, healthy hair. It prevents breakage of hair shafts and stops hair fall. Antioxidants in the powder eliminate damage from environmental pollutants. Add a teaspoonful of wheatgrass powder to the regular shampoo and wash your hair using that. Moreover, one of the most important powdered wheatgrass benefits is to get rid of dandruff from the itchy scalp through regular usage. 

c. Wheatgrass Powder for Weight Loss

A person must follow a strict diet and avoid junk or fast foods to lose weight properly. The superfood wheatgrass powder contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can be missing from our daily diet. Consuming wheatgrass powder daily keeps your body full of nutrients while allowing you to follow a calorie-restricted diet. Moreover, consuming lots of fiber daily while following a diet plan is essential. Eating food full of fiber makes you feel full and reduces overeating. However, the superfood wheatgrass should not be the primary source of fiber. One of the major wheatgrass health benefits is that it reduces cravings for unhealthy food items, which promotes healthy eating habits. By following these tips, a person can lose weight while working out.

d. Wheatgrass Powder for Liver Health

The liver is an essential component of your body that helps in the healthy digestion of food. Powdered wheatgrass juice contains chlorophyll, detoxifying the liver and removing harmful substances from the body. Some studies suggest that wheatgrass powder benefits include regulating liver enzymes, leading to healthy liver function. On the other hand, one of the best wheatgrass powder uses is the elimination of inflammation that is promoted by its anti-inflammatory substances.

e. Wheatgrass Powder for Fertility

The fertility process in a human being needs a bunch of healthy vitamins and acids. Powdered wheatgrass contains rich chlorophyll, folic acid, and vitamins C and E. All these nutrients can help cleanse the human body and boost the activity of red blood cells, which protects against free radicals. When a female body is free from free radicals, there is a high chance for the ovaries to produce high-quality eggs. It also preserves the follicle deterioration that comes with old age. A balanced pH level in the human body becomes receptive to accept the sperm because it gets damaged by free radicals. Moreover, folic acid in wheatgrass improves the quality of semen for men and increases the sperm count. The important wheatgrass nutrition fact is that it stabilizes the DNA and improves the cell structure.

f. Wheatgrass Powder for Iron Deficiency

This is one of the crucial powdered wheatgrass juice benefits. Every human body needs the right amount of iron to be strong and resist infections. Iron keeps the body energetic and allows it to function properly. It is essential for both men and women, but females need more iron because they lose iron through menstruation and excessive physical activity. The iron in the body is found in muscle cells (myoglobin) and red blood cells (haemoglobin). Iron carries oxygen to different cells of the body, and iron deficiency leads to Anaemia. Adult men and women need 8 and 18 mg of iron daily. High-quality wheatgrass powder contains iron with zinc, Vitamin C, and B complex to strengthen the immune system. Therefore, the superfood wheatgrass is better than iron supplements for a healthy adult body.

g. Wheatgrass Powder for Anaemia

One of the greatest benefits of wheatgrass powder is that it prevents anaemia because it is rich in nutrients, especially chlorophyll and iron. This is one of the major powdered wheatgrass benefits. Iron is essential to haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells. Anaemia is a disease caused by iron deficiency in the human body, which reduces the red blood cell count and oxygen-carrying capacity. One of the best wheatgrass powder uses is to provide your body with abundant iron. Daily consumption of wheatgrass powder benefits in the replenishment of the iron content and prevents anaemia.

h. Wheatgrass Powder for Constipation

A smooth bowel function needs fiber-rich food; wheatgrass contains lots of dietary fiber. It adds bulk to the stool and stimulates the intestines to remove wastage from the body. The biggest benefits of wheatgrass are that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support digestive health. The rich wheatgrass nutritional profile helps nourish the digestive system and reduces inflammation for a healthy bowel function. Detoxification properties of wheatgrass also cleanse the colon and remove it from the body by keeping constipation at bay. This is one of the best powdered wheatgrass juice benefits. 

Powdered Organic Wheatgrass Online Price

The price of organic wheatgrass powder online in India ranges from Rs 300 to 800 for every 100 gm. However, powdered wheatgrass juice costs depend on the brand, quality, and additional features included. It is advisable to compare prices on online websites before placing orders. Consider the quality, certification, and customer reviews before purchasing. The availability and shipping cost also varies while placing the order.


For the best quality and genuine benefits, consider purchasing organic wheatgrass powder from AsmitA Organic Farms. With a commitment to premium quality and certified organic products, AsmitA Organic Farms ensures you get the true benefits of wheatgrass powder. Explore our range today!


Powdered Wheatgrass Juice's Nutritional Value

The biggest powdered wheatgrass benefit is its rich wheatgrass nutrition profile and quantity of amino acids with numerous minerals and vitamins. The amino acids present in powdered wheatgrass benefit muscle development and immunity improvement. According to the US Department of Agriculture, powdered organic wheatgrass’s nutritional values are as follows:




Total lipid (fat)


Fiber, total dietary

Sugars, total including NLEA




Vitamin D (D2 + D3), International Units

Vitamin K (phylloquinone)

Fatty acids, total saturated

Fatty acids, total trans



312 kcal

12.5 grams

0 grams

75 grams

50 grams

0 grams

300 mg

0 mg

12.5 mg

0 IU

1075 µg

0 grams 

0 grams 

0 mg


  • Vitamin A contains beta-carotene to improve immune function and skin health.
  • Vitamin C supports immune function, wound healing, and collagen production.
  • Vitamin E helps in protecting cells from oxidative damage.
  • Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and bone health.
  • Vitamin B Complex has B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cobalamin), which play crucial roles in energy metabolism, nerve function, and red blood cell formation.



  • Calcium promotes healthy bones, teeth, muscle function, and blood coagulation.
  • Magnesium helps in energy generation, bone health, and muscle and neuron function.
  • Iron is required for the blood to deliver oxygen.
  • Maintaining adequate fluid balance, neuron communication, and muscular contractions all benefit from potassium.



  • Chlorophyll detoxifies the body.
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) helps in the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Glutathione is vital in detoxification and immune support.


One of the key benefits of wheatgrass is that it is rich in enzymes like protease (breaks down proteins), amylase (breaks down carbohydrates), and lipase (breaks down fats), which may aid in digestion.


Wheatgrass juice contains phytonutrients, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and alkaloids, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Although powdered wheatgrass juice is typically low in dietary fiber compared to whole wheat, it still contributes to overall fiber intake, which is essential for digestive health.

How to Make Organic Wheatgrass Juice?


  • Fresh wheatgrass
  • Black salt
  • Roasted cumin seeds powder
  • Lemon
  • Ice cold water


  • Clean the wheatgrass properly after soaking it in vinegar for 15 minutes before juicing. 
  • Drain water from wheatgrass and chop them. 
  • Put the chopped wheatgrass into the blender and add 3/4th cup water to grind it well.
  • Add more water if needed.
  • Strain the juice and discard the fiber.
  • Put black salt, cumin powder, and lemon juice in the serving glass.
  • Pour the extracted wheatgrass juice into the glass and mix properly.
  • Serve it cold!


In conclusion, Powdered wheatgrass benefits have made it a highly beneficial health supplement choice for fitness enthusiasts. Wheatgrass’ nutritional profile with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is a natural way to support overall health and well-being. The wheatgrass detoxifies the body and increases energy levels to aid in weight loss. Moreover, the versatile powder allows people to make different recipes and beverages like powdered wheatgrass juice. Therefore, incorporating this powder into daily routine is an effective way to optimize health. 

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Wheatgrass Powder Benefits for Your Wellness

Wheatgrass powder benefits

After an era of consuming deep-fried junkies and carb-filled treats, we have finally reached the time when health is our top priority. Nature often becomes the ultimate inspiration for our never-ending quest to lead healthier lives. Consider wheatgrass powder benefits as an example. Wheat plant young shoots have become a popular addition to our diets. The newly sprouted young grass of the wheat plant works fantastically as a snack, beverage, or nutritional supplement. But have you ever wondered what the hidden benefits of powdered wheatgrass hold for us?

Table of Contents

Several components of wheatgrass powder include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, making it a superfood of choice. And speaking of benefits, let’s not forget the incredible wheatgrass juice benefits for skin it brings to the table. The tall grass with a vivid green hue is often a key ingredient in those nutritious smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Health benefits enthusiasts consume nutrient-dense wheatgrass, either fresh or organic wheatgrass juices, powders, or even pills.

What Is Wheatgrass?

In Ayurveda, wheatgrass is referred to as Gehun and Godhuma by scholars. It is an organic superfood, a dietary supplement extracted from common wheat’s cotyledons or earliest embryonic leaves. Triticum aestivum is the most widely grown speciality amongst the sea of other wheat types. These leaves first resemble your yard grass in the early weeks of growth. Moreover, wheatgrass is either dried and processed into a powder or sliced and produced into a juice. Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse containing active enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. High quantities of chlorophyll give the food an earthy flavour and bright green colour. The green gold remains gluten-free in all forms since it comes from the sprouts before new seeds form.

Powdered wheatgrass contains enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, alkaloids, and tannins. Making the most of the innumerable benefits of powdered wheatgrass packed in a packet has become easier. With the advent of unique health food online and offline stores, getting wheatgrass juice and powder has become more accessible.

Wheatgrass Powder Benefits & Beyond

Superfood is all the rage in the dynamic world of health and wellness, and wheatgrass powder is one such superstar making a name for itself. Made from the young shoots of the Triticum aestivum plant, powdered wheatgrass has developed a reputation as a nutrient-dense elixir with several potential health benefits. This nutritional green powder has become a staple in the diets of health-conscious individuals for wheatgrass powder uses, including immunological support and detoxification.

Wheatgrass powder benefits

Total Detoxification for Purification from Within

The discovery of wheatgrass supports Rachel Carson’s claim in her ground-breaking book Silent Spring from 1962. She pointed out how every human is subject to contact with fatal chemicals from conception until death for the first time in history. The win-win situation is that the body eliminates and processes a range of toxins by itself. The bad news is that our bodies might not always withstand the quantity of poisonous substances and modern environmental pollutants. Organic wheatgrass powder is a saviour in this sense.

Researchers have found that wheatgrass, a form of crude chlorophyll, aids in the detoxification process. It boosts gut health by cleansing the body of environmental toxins and works as a natural cleanser to support liver detoxification, helping in cancer.

Pro Tip: Add wheatgrass juice to your diet! 

Although wheatgrass leaves are typically used to make the juice, wheatgrass powder is a more convenient option. It provides the same health benefits and simplifies the process greatly. Stir a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder into your apple, orange, pineapple, and ginger juice. Drink this wonder beverage first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism, aiding in weight loss. Additionally, it will facilitate digestion and enhance intestinal health.

Wheatgrass Powder: An Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Superhero

Wheatgrass powder contains elements that serve as antioxidants, just as many other plant-based diets and supplements. A disproportionately robust immune response to a foreign chemical can lead to chronic inflammation. The rich green superfood provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in the body to reduce the response and help in cancer. Moreover, wheatgrass powder helps people who are experiencing haemoglobin swings, which can cause anaemia and iron shortage. Consuming wheatgrass powder can increase your body’s capacity to restore iron and revitalise haemoglobin production, aiding in cancer.

Easing Digestive Distress for Better Gut Health

Traditional physicians often employ wheatgrass to treat non-life-threatening stomach and discomfort issues, like diarrhoea and digestive problems. Due to its high fibre content, wheatgrass powder has many health benefits, aiding in cancer. It also supports healthy bowel function due to the high magnesium content of wheatgrass. The benefits of powdered wheatgrass include aiding digestive issues like ulcerative colitis, piles, and persistent constipation with a wheatgrass enema.

Say Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes with Wheatgrass Powder

Many studies swear by the effects of the long-standing benefits of powdered wheatgrass as a type 2 diabetic treatment. According to experts, inflammation may play a role in diabetes. Therefore, wheatgrass powders’s ability to lower inflammation assists in managing diabetes and its adverse effects. Additionally, wheatgrass has a chlorophyll molecule that, like haemoglobin, can raise blood cell counts. It also contains substances that are comparable to insulin and have better effects on high blood sugar levels, aiding in cancer.

Wheatgrass Benefits for Pregnancy

Wheatgrass powder contains several blood-purifying substances, making it an excellent health beverage. Wheatgrass provides the vital nutrients you need throughout pregnancy since it is a great source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. Wheatgrass juice benefits the menstrual cycles to become more regular with regular consumption. Additionally, green gold also has folic acid, which boosts male fertility.

Wheatgrass Juice Benefits For Everyone

Many people believe having fresh, even raw, wheatgrass is the best way to gain the most nutrients. However, adding it to a glass of juice is a hydrating and refreshing way of consuming the green gold. You must consider a few issues of relying on fresh wheatgrass for ultimate nutrition. The flavour of raw wheat grass is strong. If you consume it, try to cover it in fruit or combine it with other components with a stronger flavour to mask it. However, it is not always feasible to have fruit by your side. Simply adding a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder to water with honey is an easy and on-the-go option. Here are some surprising benefits of wheatgrass juice you must know.

Want to Lose Weight? Try Wheatgrass Powder!

Wheatgrass is rich in vital nutrients and has no fat and only a few calories. Therefore, consuming wheatgrass can significantly help with weight loss. Drink wheatgrass powder with warm water or milk first thing in the morning to elevate your weightloss journey by miles. The superfood reduces cravings by balancing your appetite for a longer period with its high nutrient content.
Pro Tip: Drink a wheatgrass smoothie regularly!
Blend your favourite fruit smoothies and stir in a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Add extra fruit punch to the smoothie if you wish to avoid the taste of raw wheatgrass. Remember to ditch processed sugar and go for maple syrup or honey. It can be consumed before exercise or as an energy booster.

Make up for the Absence of Vegetables with Wheatgrass Powder

According to the Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes roughly 40% fewer vegetables than is advised, especially 60% fewer servings of green vegetables. However, is it logical to believe that supplementing your diet with a green superfood drink mix will fix a lack of vegetable intake? It most definitely can. Wondering about incorporating wheatgrass powder? How to use it? Adding this superfood-rich powder to your diet can make up for the nutrients you might miss in your daily diet. However, you must not go overboard with the benefits of powdered wheatgrass, as an excess of anything is not advisable. Try consulting a dietician to discuss the wheatgrass powder uses in your diet.

Wheatgrass powder: A Wonder Product for Hair Growth!

Missing those silky, shiny locks? Bring them back with the magical benefits of powdered wheatgrass. Consuming regular wheatgrass powder might help you achieve those mesmerising tresses. Use it as a duet of application and in-take! Regular ingestion of wheatgrass and topical application on the hair will promote growth in numerous ways. Applying the wheatgrass on the scalp removes dead skin cells, nourishing the hair at the roots and promoting hair development.

No dead cells mean no dandruff. Wheatgrass juice prevents dandruff building and heals the scalp when you apply the wheatgrass juice topically. Similarly, consuming a fresh glass of powdered wheatgrass juice might help delay hair ageing. Add wheatgrass powder to your shampoo to strengthen hair and guard it against damage.

Pro Tip: Prepare a wheatgrass hair pack.

Add some DIY twists to the benefits of powdered wheatgrass with a simple hair mask. Wheatgrass powder makes a fantastic hair pack when combined with water. Ensure it has a paste-like texture, not too runny. Apply it to your hair for 15-20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse it. It will strengthen your roots and aid in dandruff removal. Do not forget to consume the powdered wheatgrass regularly for better results.

Welcome Healthier Skin with Wheatgrass Powder

Several clinical investigations have demonstrated the benefits of wheatgrass powder for skin. Regular consumption of wheatgrass can give you a healthier and supple skin. Antioxidants in organic powdered wheatgrass help fend off free radicals, which in turn aids in skin anti-ageing. You can use the magical wheatgrass powder topically and internally to help minimise blemishes and scars on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory traits. A study published in a Food Science and Quality Management journal discovered that wheatgrass’s chlorophyll has antibacterial properties and may aid in preventing pimples. Additionally, it says that the benefits of powdered wheatgrass also include the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Vitamin E in wheatgrass protects the skin from sun damage.

Pro Tip: Prepare a wheatgrass face pack or try wheatgrass juice benefits for skin!

Add wheatgrass powder to any of your face packs. It works best with natural masks like Multani Mitti. Incorporate this masking routine use once per week to see visible differences. You will undoubtedly have clear, healthy skin after 3-4 weeks of usage.

How to Make Wheatgrass Powder?

Wheatgrass can be used as a powder or consumed as juice. Let the plant grow in a cosy environment. Once it is about 7-8 inches, cut the stem, clean, and dry it to ensure zero mould growth. Dehydrate the wheatgrass once ready and blend it into a powder. However, cultivating it at home and making a powder can be tedious. Wheatgrass powder is an easy and practical addition to your diet plan, especially if you like to add tinges of health in every bite. Here are a few well-liked methods for reaping its health benefits:

  • Smoothies: Add wheatgrass powder for a vivid and nutrient-rich boost to your preferred fruit or vegetable smoothie.
  • Juices:  Combine powdered wheatgrass with water or other juices for a concentrated shot of nutrients.
  • Salad Dressings: Add wheatgrass powder to salads or use it as an ingredient in your salad dressings.
  • Teas: Make a healthy green tea by adding powdered wheatgrass and some honey for extra sweetness to hot water.
  • Wheatgrass Shots: Mix half a cup of water with a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Squeeze some lemon for flavour and use the concoction as an at-home mocktail.  
  • Savoury Sauces: Adding powdered wheatgrass to a bowl of mouthwatering curry like Spag Bowl and Thai is a terrific way to sneak some wheatgrass in without you realising it. Soups also get more nutritious with some wheatgrass powder.

Nutrient Richness in a Spoon: Know the Nutritional Value

The list of benefits of powdered wheatgrass provides an insight into the many nutrients we might otherwise skip in our daily meals. Wheatgrass is a fantastic source of fibre, vitamin K, and vitamin E. The USDA provides the nutritional value of wheatgrass listed below.

  • Calories: 25
  • Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Carbs: 6g
  • Fiber: 4g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Vitamin K: 86 mcg

The Growing Demand of Wheatgrass Powder

With roots in prehistoric Egypt and Mesopotamia, wheatgrass has been grown and consumed for centuries. However, the benefits of powdered wheatgrass did not become widely accepted until the 20th century, partly due to the efforts of proponents like Charles F. Schnabel and Ann Wigmore. They contrasted wheatgrass with renowned vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and alfalfa. Animals fed only these meals started to waste away, whereas those with only wheatgrass flourished. When the researchers added wheatgrass to chicken diets, their winter egg output tripled. The popularity of this grass soared in the years that followed as a result of promotion and widespread use.

Further investigation revealed a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vital fatty acids, and enzymes in wheatgrass. The phrase “grass juice factor” indicates the unique beneficial properties of grasses. It attracted even more attention in the 1970s when the wellness community accepted it as a potent nutrient source for health benefits, especially in alleviating symptoms of arthritis. As the demand grows, you must consider several factors before incorporating wheatgrass into your diet. You can weigh your responses to the wheatgrass juice benefits and drawbacks (if any) of the many types of wheatgrass products, such as capsules, juice powder, fresh juice, and other supplements. Wheatgrass can increase your diet’s nutritional content, but only if you pick a premium product in a handy form.

Another issue with fresh wheatgrass is that it might have mould, germs, or other toxins that could harm your body. The components are a result of the soil and water wheatgrass grows in. Pregnant or nursing women must only consume the best source of wheatgrass to avoid potential health hazards. Since wheatgrass powder is a portable and convenient source, many people consider it a better choice. Powdered wheatgrass is also easy to store and provides a variety in its consumption.

What Is the Best Type of Wheatgrass Powder?

There are two ways of extracting wheatgrass to make the final product – powder or pills. Firstly, several producers use all components of the young grass still viable to make wheat grass powder. They next turn it into a powder by grinding and dehydrating. It results in up to four times as much fibre in wheatgrass powder as in wheatgrass juice powder. The manufacturers grind the wheatgrass juice powder in the second method before drying, pulping, and filtering other materials. Juice powders typically contain more vitamins and other nutrients than powdered wheatgrass. Despite these variations, both powders work well. Wheatgrass powder has been the subject of numerous research for ages. Therefore, many producers produce wheatgrass supplements in various ways. Therefore, you must only use high-quality and reliable supplements for a healthier diet. You can also study the product information to find the ingredients used in the production.

Choose a Green Path to Vitality with AsmitA’s Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is a nutrient-rich superfood with a host of health benefits. The undeniable benefits of wheatgrass powder range from enhancing skin health to lowering inflammation, making it beneficial for conditions like arthritis.  It can contribute to a healthier way of life if you incorporate it into your daily routine. You must understand how to use wheatgrass powder wisely to benefit from it. As with any supplement, moderation is crucial, and speaking to a healthcare professional is advisable. Powdered wheatgrass from AsmitA Organic Farms is 100% organic and has a sea of vital nutrients. It provides quick energy and builds immunity in the body. The fantastic product aids in weight loss, cleanses the blood, and reduces indigestion and acid reflux. AsmitA Organic Wheatgrass Powder is a sugar-free and gluten-free elixir you must incorporate into your diet.

Explore our website to explore a range of organic products and boost your health today!