Organic White Poha

Relish guilt-free indulgence with our Organic White Poha, a wholesome meal from premium rice sustainably sourced from a fresh organic farm.

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  • 100% organic product & soil certification
  • Return Policy: Easy exchange as quality matters
  • 2000+ farmers practice organic farming with AsmitA
  • Mumbai: Next day delivery, Pan India: 4-5 days
  • Level up your Poha story by mixing chopped vegetables, herbs, and spices.
  • Mix it with Rava to enjoy White Poha Upma.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
What’s NOT there
  • Chemicals
  • GMO
  • Additives
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colours


AsmitA Organic Farms’ organically grown poha is prepared from the best quality flattened rice grains collected fresh from the farms of Kerela and Maharashtra. The raw rice grains are cultivated and harvested by implementing sustainable farming practices to retain the complete nutritional profile and reap the health benefits to the fullest.

Our organic poha is gluten-free and a popular healthy breakfast option in various parts of our country as it is simple to prepare. It is light yet quite filling on your stomach, keeping you energised for the day. You can cook it with chopped vegetables for a nutritious meal or mix it with spicy bhujia for a munchy snack for the evening.

We take pride in offering you wholesale poha packages with no artificial fertilisers or synthetic additives but prepared with traditional methods. With excellence in every step, we are committed to bringing the authentic meal to your table, complementing your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic poha?

Poha is prepared from high-quality flattened rice and is popularly used as a cereal for a savoury and sweet breakfast that is both delicious and healthy. It is grown without synthetic pesticides or GMOs. It is also called aval, pounded, flaked, pawa, beaten, or pressed rice. The rice is husked, cleaned, parboiled, drained, and flattened to make it look thin. Poha are a versatile addition to Indian cuisine and are used in many dishes. It can be cooked in minutes - soak it in water, drain it, and prepare it with your favourite vegetables and spices.

Is organic poha good for health?

Yes, poha is an ideal choice to maintain optimal overall health. Poha is easily digestible and naturally free of gluten, cholesterol, or fats, making it a perfect option for those seeking to lose weight. One serving of our poha will enrich you with iron, calcium, potassium, iron, and Vitamin B. As a powerhouse of antioxidants, they are a good addition to people’s diets, especially if you have diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Organically grown poha from AsmitA Organic Farms is loaded with the goodness of essential minerals and vitamins and is available at a reasonable cost.

What are the benefits of organic poha?

Organically grown poha is produced on certified organic farms with no fertiliser, pesticides, or herbicides, which helps create the healthiest food that is light as air. Low in calories and high in nutrients for the finest dry husk rice, poha is available at a modest online price at AsmitA Organic Farms. Consuming poha daily will stimulate the steady release of sugar into your blood, avoiding sudden increases in blood sugar levels. When you soak the poha, it undergoes a partial fermentation process to retain the probiotic bacteria, which is good for gut and proper digestion. The magnesium source in poha helps control blood pressure and sustains the health of your heart. It is also rich in iron, enhancing your hemoglobin level, and the carbs content keeps you satiated for hours.

Can organic poha be eaten daily?

Yes, poha can be eaten daily, as it is very convenient to prepare and has a relatively higher nutrient level. It is a very common yet healthy breakfast and nutritious snack option, packed with carbs and without any trans fats or cholesterol content. Even though there is no limit to the consumption of poha, too much of any healthy food can cause adverse effects. Therefore, consume this healthy breakfast in moderate amounts to keep the health benefits intact. Avoid eating raw poha in excess amounts, as they might cause toothache and jaw pain due to the hard structure. Given the benefits, AsmitA Organic Farms offer different packages of poha in varied quantities (100 grams and 3*100 grams) to give a healthy start to your day.

What is the difference between natural and organic poha?

Natural poha and organic poha are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, poha labelled as natural differs from organic. Natural poha means the food may contain artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. In contrast, organic produce focuses on farming practices that involve healthy living conditions for people and the planet for future generations. Beyond the nutrients in the poha, the organic variant is grown by encouraging self-sustaining resources. Buy AsmitA Organic Farms’ organically grown poha in its purest form to add a distinct nutritional profile and delectable taste to your daily meal.


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