Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a healthy natural sweetener extracted from the coconut palm tree. It has more nutrients and a lower glycemic index than regular sugar. You can buy organic coconut sugar online from the AsmitA Organic Farm.

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  • 100% organic product & soil certification
  • Return Policy: Easy exchange as quality matters
  • 2000+ farmers practice organic farming with AsmitA
  • Mumbai: Next day delivery, Pan India: 4-5 days
  • Use it in a parfait, chia pudding, and oatmeal.
  • Use it as a sweetener for your teas, coffee, cupcakes, and brownies.
  • Store in a cool & dry place.
What’s NOT there
  • Chemicals
  • GMO
  • Additives
  • Toxic Pesticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colours


Organic coconut sugar is a popular sweetener in many vegan diets. It is plant-based, minimally processed, and contains essential nutrients and minerals.

The brown sugar is obtained from the coconut palm. Since organic production involves minimal synthetic chemicals or additives, coconut palm sugar retains many nutrients in the coconut palm — mostly iron zinc, calcium, and potassium. The nutrients in coconut organic sugar are known to promote health in numerous ways. For example, antioxidants in coconut palm sugar help neutralise free radicals, reducing the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

You can buy pure coconut sugar online or coconut palm sugar online from AsmitA Organic Farms, a trusted wholesale online marketplace for buying great-tasting brown sugar. We use premium quality ingredients and innovative production techniques to sell organic products for a fair online coconut sugar price. A socially and environmentally conscious company, we strive to offer an extensive range of delicious products that are healthy and organic. You will get the best coconut sugar in India only at AsmitA Organic Farm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coconut sugar?

Pure coconut sugar is natural sugar extracted from coconut palm sap or the flower bud stem. The sugary fluid of the coconut plant is collected and heated to obtain the sugar from the coconut palm sap. The end product is brown and granulated and resembles raw sugar. Although the colour is comparable to cane sugar's brownish shade in its raw state, the particles are usually smaller or more varied.
AsmitA Organic Farms provides the best coconut sugar in India and is committed to quality, sustainability, flavour, and the best coconut sugar price. Our coconut palm sugar is a great alternative to refined sugar because it is dramatically lower on the glycemic index GI than its commercial counterparts and greater in taste. Furthermore, this coconut organic sugar is produced from coconut palm tree blooms, so you don't have to worry about feeling bad about cutting down trees.

Is coconut sugar good for health?

Yes, coconut sugar is a healthy alternative to regular sugar. Unlike regular table sugar, coconut palm sugar retains the nutrients found in the coconut palm. Some of the most important minerals in coconut palm sugar are iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Additionally, it is rich in phytonutrients such as polyphenols and antioxidants.
Coconut derived sugar also boasts a lower glycemic index than refined white sugar. Cane sugar is safer for a vegan lifestyle than refined sugar, as it is made without animal bone char.

What are the benefits of coconut sugar?

Potassium, magnesium, and salt are all minerals found in coconut palm sugar that are critical for maintaining proper heart, nerve cells, and muscle function and controlling your body's water balance. It has approximately 400 times more potassium than normal sugar.
Minerals - Iron, zinc, and calcium are all nutrients found in cane sugar, and they help build stronger bones, among other health benefits.
Nitrogen - Nitrogen in cane sugar helps support the cardiovascular system and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is rich in nitrogen and helps improve blood vessel health and manage high blood pressure.
Vitamin C - Vitamin C in this type of sugar boost immunity, combats infections and diseases, and improves skin and hair quality.
Raw Antioxidants - Cane sugar is merely dried coconut sap, making it a raw food that preserves all the beneficial antioxidants present in the original. These antioxidants protect the body's cells from free radical damage and delay ageing.
Short-Chain Fatty Acids - Healthy fats in coconut palm sugar are believed to help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Short-chain fatty acids, or SCFAs, present in this sugar are known to improve digestive health through several effects, such as maintaining intestinal barrier integrity, stimulating mucus production, and protecting the gut against inflammation.
Inulin - A form of dietary fibre called inulin aids in maintaining a healthy gut, preventing colon cancer, and regulating blood sugar levels. Inulin is a starchy substance that stays in the bowel and promotes bacterial growth for gut health.

Can coconut sugar be eaten daily?

When pure coconut sugar is compared to regular table sugar, it unquestionably appears to win. It appears healthier than other sweetening alternatives due to its great nutritional profile. Pure coconut sugar exhibits the highest fibre content, greater recipe diversity, and the lowest glycemic index.
However, despite being healthy, coconut palm sugar should only be used seldom. Although more nutritious, it can still spike blood sugar, causing adverse health effects. Thus, consumption ought to be limited to small amounts only. You can buy the best coconut sugar online from AsmitA Organic Farms website.

What is the difference between natural and organic coconut sugar?

Coconut palm sugar is a natural, organic sugar produced from the sap of the coconut palm trees. Regarding nutritional value, this natural sugar is power-packed with loads of antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium. This brown sugar has the advantage of not undergoing artificial processing like white sugar. Coconut palm sugar is produced entirely naturally without the need for any refining procedure.
Coconut organic sugar is natural cane sugar processed without chemicals, pesticides, and toxic fertilisers, leaving soils and the environment safe. We at AsmitA Organic Farms are concerned about the ethics of working with coconut products, and we are the best coconut sugar manufacturers in India. Hence, we only work with organic farmers and sustainable farming practices. It involves an ethical way of collecting the sap of coconut and making the sugar.
We help farmers get a fair price for their work and contribute towards an economically and socially sustainable agricultural system. You can buy coconut palm sugar online from our website.

Where can I buy coconut sugar online, and how do I know it's Organic Certified?

You might have questions in your mind, like where to get coconut sugar. You can purchase organic coconut sugar online from AsmitA Organic Farms.
Our platform provides a convenient way to buy high-quality, organic-certified coconut sugar. To verify the organic status, look for the "Organic Certified" label on the product page. This label ensures that the pure coconut sugar meets stringent standards, is free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and is in line with organic farming criteria.
AsmitA Organic Farms is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices, making their pure coconut organic sugar a reliable choice for health-conscious consumers. By visiting our website, you can easily order organic coconut sugar and enjoy its natural sweetness while supporting environmentally responsible farming. The price of coconut pure sugar is very affordable here.
Buy coconut sugar from AsmitA Organic Farms for a trustworthy source of organic-certified coconut sugar available for online purchase.

Are you supplying Wholesale Coconut sugar in India?

Yes, AsmitA Organic Farms does supply wholesale coconut sugar online in India. If you are interested in placing a wholesale order, you can conveniently do so through our website. AsmitA Organic Farms is committed to providing high-quality organic coconut sugar, and our online platform makes it easy for businesses or individuals to order in bulk.
Simply visit our website, navigate to the bulk purchases section, and follow the straightforward ordering process to ensure a reliable supply of organic coconut sugar for your needs. With a focus on quality and organic certification, AsmitA Organic Farms is a trusted source for all the available products.


Good Quality of coconut sugar. Its my first purchase from Asmita Organic.

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