Brown Rice Crisps Triple Treat

Discover the ultimate snacking trifecta with our Brown Rice Crisps trio! With flavors ranging from smokey barbecue to creamy & onion and bold Indian Spicy Hot, get ready for a crunch-filled adventure


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Experience the ultimate snacking journey with our tantalizing trio of Brown Rice Crisps! From the bold, mouthwatering flavor of smokey barbecue to the creamy & onion sensation and the fiery kick of Indian Spicy Hot, each crisp is expertly crafted for guilt-free indulgence. Made from organic brown rice and a blend of premium spices, our crisps offer the perfect crunch, whether you’re on-the-go, enjoying a movie night, or craving a delicious snack. Elevate your snacking experience with wholesome goodness and irresistible flavors – order our trio of Brown Rice Crisps online today!

Recipe Ideas

Burmese Dal and Chicken recipe

Burmese Dal and Chicken

Cooking Time: 75-80 min

In the heart of Burmese tradition, Chicken Dal Curry is not just a dish; it’s a warm embrace of flavors and heritage. This comforting stew intertwines yellow split peas and bone-in chicken thighs, creating a symphony of spices that dance on your palate. As the aroma of paprika, turmeric, and Madras curry fills your kitchen, you’ll be transported to the bustling markets of Burma, where every dish tells a story.

Foxtail Millet Appam Recipe

Foxtail Millet Appam

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Take a bite out of the delicious Foxtail Millet Appam, a South Indian delicacy that mixes the flavor of AsmitA Organic Farms’ foxtail millet with the benefits of buttermilk and other necessary ingredients. Enjoy a guilt-free treat with a boost of health benefits from these appams, a lovely blend of tradition and nutrition. Taste the crispy outside and soft inside for a satisfying snack that fuels your body as well as your taste buds.

Barnyard Millet Pudding recipe

Barnyard Millet Pudding

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Savor the wholesome delight of Barnyard Millet Pudding, a decadent dessert that seamlessly blends health and indulgence. AsmitA Organic Farms’ Barnyard Millet, a nutrient-packed superfood, takes center stage in this luscious treat. Rich in fiber, protein, and essential minerals, this pudding is a guilt-free pleasure that caters to both your taste buds and well-being. The velvety texture and natural sweetness from jaggery powder make it a delightful, heartwarming dessert that will leave you craving more. Elevate your dessert game with this nutritious indulgence!

Bajra Pizza

Bajra Pizza 

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Enjoy a guilt-free gourmet treat with our Pearl Millet Base Pizza, a nutritious take on a beloved classic. Bursting with nutrients and a unique nutty flavor, the AsmitA Organic Farms’ pearl millet flour forms the foundation of this wholesome pizza. Packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it’s a delightful way to enjoy a pizza without compromising on your well-being. Each bite is a celebration of taste and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and delicious meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we craft these mouthwatering Cream & Onion Brown Rice Crisps?

Prepare for a flavour party! Our delicious ingredients magically transform into irresistibly crunchy popped brown rice crisps through the fun process of popping. With top-notch ingredients, a sprinkle of pressure, and a dash of heat, each pop is a celebration! In fact, popping our chips is almost as fun as munching on them!

How do our brown rice crisps stack up against those ordinary potato chips in the nutrition department?

Step aside, potato chips! Brown rice crisps are here to steal the spotlight with their nutritional might. They're lower in calories, loaded with 100% whole grain goodness, and bursting with flavour. It's a snack showdown, and brown rice crisps are the clear winners!

Where to grab these premium brown rice crisps, online or in-store?

Craving brown rice crisps? Look no further! You can snag these crispy delights online via our website, Amazon, or Flipkart. Prefer the hands-on approach? Find them at select Nature's Basket locations. Snack-hunting just got a whole lot easier—and more enjoyable!

Can these crunchy champs hang with the VIPs of speciality diets like vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free?

Absolutely! Our brown rice crisps are a dream come true for speciality diets like vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. They're your go-to snack, no matter your dietary preference. Just a heads-up: while our Indian Spicy Hot and Smokey Barbeque flavours are safe for all, our Cream & Onion variant contains milk solids, so it's a pass for dairy-avoiders. Snack away, guilt-free!

What delicious flavours are rocking the world of brown rice crisps?

Brown rice crisps aren't just a one-flavour wonder; they're a flavour extravaganza! With our three poppin' flavours - Indian Spicy Hot, Smokey Barbecue, and Cream & Onion - there's a brown rice crisp for every craving. Gear up for a taste bud thrill ride with our dynamic trio of mouth-watering flavours!

How long do these crispy wonders last, and what's the secret to keeping them fresh?

Here's the scoop on keeping your brown rice crisps fresh as can be! Store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, and they'll stay crunchy and delicious for weeks. But let's be real, they probably won't last that long!

What's the secret formula for the perfect portion of brown rice crisps fun?

Listen up, snackers! While it's tempting to dive headfirst into a bag of brown rice crisps, a little portion control goes a long way. Just grab a handful or two and savour the flavour-filled goodness!


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