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Buy Organic Grains Online

Grains have been the primary food and nutrient source in Indian households for decades, emerging as the staple to everyone’s diet. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we deliver various types of organic food that provide wholesome nutrition to our customers and preserve the environment in the long term.

We offer many healthy organic grains, including organic quinoa, oats, etc. We reiterate the revival of the grains, where the tiny beads are teamed with essential vitamins and minerals. Our grains are packed with sublime nutritional value in their raw and unpolished forms.

We are not just a business venture but are built to promote a conventional way of survival to escape to a natural and sustainable life. With our incredible selections, we take pride in allowing small farmers to source grains and provide you with an incredible range of grains at the best cost. Buy our high-quality and healthy food grains online today and serve your family delicious yet nutritious dishes daily!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are organic grains?

Grains are the staple ingredient that provides various health benefits and has flavoured Indian cuisine for centuries. It includes wheat, rice, corn, and oats, extending to millet, sorghum, barley, and more. Organic grains, grown and harvested under sustainable farming practices, are packed with the goodness and authenticity of nature. Our farming practices prohibit the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. The certified organic grains are also free of GMOs, strongly focusing on improving soil fertility. Every time you purchase organic produce, you support a system of sustainable practices that combat climate change and encourage species diversity. At AsmitA Organic Farms, you can find a wholesome collection of organic food grains, a definite addition to your family’s diet. These grains add a superior taste to your dish and ensure that every meal is a healthy meal. Grains at AsmitA Organic Farms are handpicked and processed with the utmost care, retaining all the nutrients in our existing organic produce. We work with local farmers to yield the best quality. Additionally, the lack of artificial preservatives or any synthetic ingredients will nourish your overall health in the long run.

2. Are organic grains safe?

Yes, organic grains are a safe addition to one’s diet. Organic produce is vital for the well-being of your family and the planet. When grains are organically grown and harvested using natural farming methods, they enhance the individuals' health and soil fertility. It is because herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilisers are not used. Instead, we use organic compost or manure and biological pest control to induce better crop growth. It also promotes deeper root systems enabling the plant roots to draw more nutrients from the soil, making them more nutritious. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we offer a wide range of organic produce, which can be consumed for better health and proper growth from an early age. Our organic produce is completely fresh and has a long-lasting shelf life. We don’t encourage the use of artificial techniques to increase our agricultural output, and as a result, they retain their natural nutritional value with essential components like vitamins, amino acids, and fibre. Organic farming methods also preserve the grains’ flavour and aroma, rendering them more appetising than chemically produced grains.

3. Why are organic grains important?

Having underestimated the goodness of nature for years, people are again turning to organic food sources to improve their quality of life. Organic grains are a crucial part of a healthy diet and supply your body with the necessary energy. They are especially important for individuals following a gluten-free diet. Organic healthy grains are loaded with lactic acid that promotes the level of good bacteria in the digestive tract. As a result, it aids in proper digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. In addition, it also helps to ward off certain types of cancer as they are rich in fibre and magnesium and low in saturated fats. Moreover, conventional grains are grown by spraying synthetic fertilisers, where the residues settle on land and the food we eat, rendering grains and soil poisonous. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we promote sustainable farming practices that are better for your health and the environment. It helps reduce pollution, soil erosion, conserve water and increase soil fertility while preventing you from developing life-threatening diseases.

4. Should you buy organic grains online?

Yes, you can easily buy organic grains online. Even though most organic foods are available in every grocery store worldwide, there is a wide range of online options that are accessible and affordable. Online organic stores offer greater convenience and lower prices. Buying organic food grains online supports the local farmers who have been thriving hard to give people better quality food. Moreover, online purchasing will help you save significant money and time. You can buy a bulk amount of healthy grain, which can be stored safely in your kitchen to prevent any hassles of weekly grocery shopping. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we offer exclusive packages of organic food grains (500 grams/1 kg) at an economic cost. Despite the final price tag variations, we aim to give our consumers a healthy and perfect portion of nutrition.

5. What are the benefits of eating organic grains?

Eating organic food will boost your intake of vital health-promoting nutrients. They are a healthy source of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamin B, which help digestion. Grains are also packed with antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and aid in healthy weight management. You can quickly burn more fats and calories, keeping your weight in check. Grains such as oats are also a powerhouse of dietary fibre, essential to maintain a healthy digestive system. It regulates bowel movements and prevents the onset of digestive problems like constipation and diarrhoea. Due to its low-glycemic profile, grains are also a beneficial addition to the diet of diabetic people as they maintain the ideal blood sugar level. Consuming organic grains daily will also keep your heart healthy and prevent the onset of strokes and heart attacks. It lowers the chances of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, possibly contributing to heart diseases. The vitamins B and K in grains will keep your blood pressure in control by promoting the proper functioning of the blood vessels. Adding grains to your daily diet will keep you satiated for a long time, curbing excess hunger pangs and restraining you from consuming more calories. At AsmitA Organic Farms, we offer an extensive range of organic food grains online, which are unpolished, chemical-free, and completely natural, where every tiny sphere is filled with goodness.