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Add a dash of utter delight to your favourite dishes with these Organic Edible Oils and Ghee. Grown naturally and organically, it gives a healthy start to your day and everyday diet. Healthy range of oils from AsmitA Organic Farms are also full of nature’s goodness and taste. They are preserved with a rich aroma and fine flavour.
We offer an extensive range of certified Organic Edible Oils. We thrive to create an efficient and economic bridge between farmers and consumers across the world, who are seeking high-quality organic products. Every variety of our oil products are prepared without chemical processes or components, making them great for deep frying, dressing, or sauteing.
The oils are extracted from the finest quality seeds and cultivated by local farmers with controlled organic farming practices. The Cold-pressed Edible Oil has been bustling with nutrients and wholesome health benefits. Favour your health and make the healthy switch to taste the new nature dream with our Organic Edible Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Organic Edible Oil?

Organic Edible Oil refers to the type of oils which are extracted from organic food material consisting of fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables. The oil is produced by using organic farming practices, which limits using synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The organic certification ensures that the entire process, from cultivation to extraction, meets strict standards set by regulatory bodies. One popular type of Organic Edible Oil is cold-pressed organic oil. This extraction method involves crushing the ingredients at low temperatures, ensuring that the natural nutrients and flavours are preserved in the oil. Cold-pressed organic oils are known for their rich aroma, distinct flavours, and high nutritional content. Mustard Oil is a commonly used organic, safe-to-eat cooking oil. It is derived from mustard seeds and is known for its pungent flavour and diverse health advantages. Coconut Oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts. It is revered for its versatility, taste, and potential health properties.

02. Why Buy Organic Edible Oil or Ghee?

There are compelling and healthy reasons to choose Organic Edible Oil or ghee over conventional options. Firstly, organic farming practices put off using synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Opting for Organic Oils minimises exposure to these potentially harmful substances, reducing the risk of health issues associated with pesticide residues. Secondly, they are often cold-pressed, which preserves natural nutrients and flavours. The absence of high heat and chemical solvents ensures that the oils retain their essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. These additives benefit heart health, brain function, and human well-being. Supporting organic farming promotes sustainable agricultural practices. Organic farms prioritise soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation. Choosing Organic Edible Oils or ghee contributes to a healthier environment, reduces water pollution, and preserves wildlife habitats. AsmitA Organic Farms understands the importance of Edible Oils and their role in leading a healthy life. To uphold it, we ensure that our edible oils are produced from all-organic and chemical-free ingredients that are grown and collected from farms in Vidarbha and across India.

03. Is Organic Edible Oil Good for Health?

Absolutely! Organic Edible Oil offers numerous health benefits. Organic Oils are free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives. Choosing organic also reduces exposure to potentially harmful substances commonly found in conventionally grown crops. It is especially important for individuals with sensitivities or allergies to such chemicals. Incorporating Organic Oils into your food regimen supports a balanced consumption of these important nutrients. They are also recognised as having better flavour profiles, making them an enjoyable addition to your culinary experiences. Edible Oils often contain antioxidants that assist in guarding the body towards harmful radicals, lowering the threat of chronic diseases. These antioxidants contribute to retaining healthful skin, boosting the immune system, and helping typical well-being. The oil also benefits your health and the environment. By selecting organic options, you can enjoy high-quality, nutrient-rich oils while supporting sustainable farming practices prioritising your well-being and the planet's health.