• Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India
  • Harvesting Goodness Since 1995
  • FREE shipping on orders above ₹ 799/- Pan India

Organic Food Farming Company in India | Wholesale Supplier

AsmitA Organic Farms is an organic farming company in India and is your gateway to a thriving marketplace where your products can shine globally. We are a rapidly expanding farming company for a B2B platform that connects exporters, manufacturers, importers, producers, buyers, and wholesale suppliers and facilitates seamless trade of high-quality organic products in India. Find the organic food range that will meet your demands promptly and without compromise. As one of the thriving online wholesale grocery distributors in India, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate organic food products, browse trade leads, product catalogues, and connect with business partners. Seize the opportunity to elevate your brand, increase your profitability, and make a lasting impact in the organic farming industry in India.

Our Services At AsmitA Organic Farms

As one of the organic food manufacturers in India, our services are designed to empower businesses like yours in the organic marketplace. Whether you want to do Bulk Supply, or need Private Labeling, we help you procure 100% Certified Organic Food Products, where you can market farm natural produce to your potential customers. As an organic farming company in India, we prioritize transparency, trust, and quality. We meticulously vet each member of our platform to ensure that they meet our stringent standards, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in every transaction. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support. Get in touch today to experience the convenience, efficiency, and growth opportunities our services offer.


Bulk Supply

Optimize your profit margins & save time with our easy process of Bulk Supply within India. As one of the organic product wholesale suppliers & manufacturers, we specialize in providing top-quality organic food in large quantities to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Private labelling

Differentiate yourself in the organic food market, establish a strong brand presence, and increase profitability. As organic food manufacturers, you gain the advantage of leveraging our extensive network of trusted organic product wholesale suppliers, producers and industry experts.

General Trade

Expand your customer base in the retail sector with the fastest growing organic food company in India. Whether it's spices, staples, pantry essentials, or specialty items, we have a diverse selection of organic products & farm natural produce.

Modern Trade

With unbeatable prices & a greater variety of organic products, be at the forefront of the industry, & cater to a diverse range of customers seeking organic and sustainable food options with the top organic food company in India.


Gain a competitive edge in the organic food industry and access a vast market of health-conscious consumers worldwide. Showcase your organic products and simplify your export process with our user-friendly platform.


Elevate your hotel retail & catering business with the trustworthy online wholesale grocery distributors in India. Save time & source bulk high-quality organic products with the certified farming company in India.


Take your B2B business to new heights with our premium range of organic food products. As an organic farming company in India, we are here to cater to the unique needs of your business. Our certified variety of organic products ensures that you have access to the finest ingredients, allowing you to create exceptional product categories that captivate your customers and drive business growth. From 100% organic spices, staples, food grains, salt, sweeteners, superfoods, edible oil and more organic food products, we deliver excellence to your doorstep.


Why Us?

  • Delivering you high-quality organic food products directly from trusted farmers in Vidarbha and across the country.
  • Advanced Technology Solutions: Connecting you with wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters, and more, making selling and buying easy for an efficient experience.
  • User-Friendly B2B Platform: You can effortlessly navigate product catalogues, browse trade leads, and connect with potential clients through a streamlined process.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Our established network ensures reliability, quality, and peace of mind when sourcing and partnering with us.
  • Fair Pricing: With us, you can access high-quality organic food products at fair prices, allowing you to maximize your profitability and meet the demands of your customers.

Value Proposition

  • As a 100% USDA-certified organic food brand in India, we proudly deliver safe, pure, and nutritious food.
  • From seed to harvest, we prioritize sustainable methods that nurture the earth and prioritize your well-being.
  • We strictly adhere to a no-chemical, non-GMO, and no-harmful-pesticides-and-fertilizers policy for our farm natural produce.
  • A vast network of small and big farmers guarantees a consistent organic food products supply without compromise.
  • Stay ahead of the curve and meet the ever-evolving demands of your customers with our versatile offerings.
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