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Ghee for Hair : Benefits of Applying Ghee for Hair

ghee for hair

Hey there, folks! Are you tired of trying every hair care product out there but still can’t seem to get the luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of? Well, have you ever considered trying ghee on your hair? Yes, you heard that right – ghee is a delicious and versatile ingredient used in almost every Indian household. Ghee has been used for centuries for its numerous health benefits, as we discussed previously in our benefits of A2 ghee blog, and now, it’s time to add another feather to its cap – benefits for hair! In this blog, we will be exploring the wonders of ghee for hair, and how it can help with hair growth, dandruff, and even infections. Many of us have heard of the benefits of desi ghee on hair, but how exactly does it work? The answer lies in the fact that ghee is a great source of fatty acids, which help nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Applying ghee on hair can also help combat dandruff, which can be caused by a dry scalp. Ghee’s moisturizing properties help keep the scalp hydrated and healthy, preventing dandruff from forming. But wait, there’s more!

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Ghee on hair overnight benefits are another added advantage. Applying ghee on hair overnight benefits results in more nourishment and less hair fall. It can help the scalp absorb all the essential nutrients and vitamins present in ghee, resulting in shiny, healthy hair. But is ghee good for hair all the time? Are there any side effects of ghee on hair? Well, when it comes to hair care, moderation is key. Using too much ghee on hair can make it greasy and cause hair fall. It’s essential to use the right amount and ensure that it’s evenly distributed throughout the hair. So, why not give your hair a break from all the chemical-laden products and try out ghee? It’s a natural and cost-effective way to achieve the hair of your dreams. And, when it comes to ghee, we recommend using cow ghee, which is considered the purest form of ghee.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of the benefits of ghee for hair for hair growth, scalp, dandruff, and much more!

Benefits of Desi Ghee for Hair

benefits of ghee for hair

Are you tired of using chemical-laden hair products or those commercial oils that promise great hair but end up causing more harm than good? Look no further than your kitchen shelf, where the holy grail of hair care products resides- Ghee! Yes, you heard it right. The age-old Indian remedy is not only good for your health, but also, there are numerous benefits of applying ghee on hair than any regular oil. From promoting hair growth to treating scalp infections and dandruff, the benefits of ghee for hair are endless. So, ditch those expensive hair treatments and try out desi ghee benefits for hair and flaunt your luscious locks. Let’s explore some ghee benefits for hair!

Promotes Hair Growth:

One of the most significant benefits of ghee for hair is its ability to promote hair growth. Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, along with healthy fatty acids that nourish and stimulate hair growth. By massaging ghee onto your scalp and hair, you can prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. Hence, ghee for hair growth is an absolute miracle! 

Prevents Dandruff:

Another fantastic benefit of ghee for hair is its ability to prevent dandruff and scalp infections. Ghee’s antibacterial and antifungal properties help fight off dandruff and keep your scalp clean and healthy. By applying ghee to your hair, you can keep your scalp healthy and prevent flakiness.

Adds Shine and Softness:

Applying ghee to your hair instead of any sticky oil can also add a natural shine and softness to your locks. It helps repair damaged hair and split ends, making your hair more manageable and healthier. Ghee is a natural conditioner and helps strengthen hair strands, reducing breakage and promoting overall hair health.

Strengthens Hair & Moisturizes Scalp:

Ghee is also an excellent moisturizer that can help soothe dry, itchy scalp and prevent flakiness. By massaging ghee onto your scalp, you can nourish and moisturize your hair and prevent dryness.

Nourishes Hair Follicles:

The nutrients in ghee penetrate the hair follicles, nourishing them from within. By massaging ghee onto your scalp, you can provide the essential nutrients your hair follicles need to grow and thrive. Ghee for hair growth hence is the best choice you can make.

Can be Used Overnight:

One of the best things about ghee for hair is that it can be used overnight. Applying ghee to your hair and leaving it overnight can help you achieve maximum ghee benefits for hair, including deep moisturization, nourishment, and repair. Something any mediocre oil can’t promise!

While ghee has many benefits for hair, it’s important to note that using too much ghee or applying it incorrectly can have side effects. Always use good quality cow ghee bought from a trusted source. 

Organic A2 bilona cultured desi ghee
organic A2 Gir Cow desi ghee pure danedar

At AsmitA Organic Farms, we understand the importance of using only the highest quality products for your health and well-being. That’s why we offer the finest quality Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee and Organic A2 Bilona Cow Ghee, both of which are made using traditional methods and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our Organic ghee is sourced from grass-fed cow’s milk, which makes it not only healthy but also more nutritious. We take pride in our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality products, and we believe that you deserve nothing but the best. So, when it comes to reaping the benefits of ghee for hair, always choose AsmitA Organic Farms for a trusted and reliable source of high-quality cow ghee.

How to Use Desi Ghee for Hair Care

benefits of applying ghee on hair

The same ghee that your grandma uses for cooking can do wonders for your hair too! The benefits of ghee for hair are numerous. You’ll also be surprised to know the ghee benefits for skin, as we discussed previously. Ghee is rich in fatty acids that help to nourish and moisturize the hair, making it soft, shiny, and healthy. The vitamins and minerals present in ghee help to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. It can even help to treat dandruff and scalp infections. And the best part? It’s completely natural and chemical free! So, how can you use desi ghee for hair care? Let’s explore some fun ways:

Hair Mask:

First up, a hair mask! Just apply melted ghee to your hair and scalp, and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t worry if you start to smell like buttery popcorn; it’s all worth it! The ghee will deeply moisturize your hair and scalp, leaving it looking and feeling great.

Hot Oil Treatment:

Another fun way to use desi ghee for hair is by giving yourself a hot oil treatment. Just warm up some ghee in a bowl and apply it to your hair and scalp like oil. Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips for a few minutes, and then wrap your hair in a hot towel. This will help the ghee in hair to penetrate deep into the hair follicles, strengthening them and promoting healthy hair growth, better than any regular oil.

Leave-In Conditioner:

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a hair mask or hot oil treatment, no problem! You can also use ghee as a leave-in conditioner. Just take a small amount of ghee in your palms and rub them together. Then, apply it to the ends of your hair to keep them hydrated and protected from damage. It can also be used as a natural anti-frizz serum, making your hair more manageable and easier to style. 

Tips and Precautions for Using Desi Ghee for Hair

Pure Desi Ghee, the golden liquid that is a staple in Indian cuisine, is beneficial not just for your body but also for your hair.

  • Patch Test: First things first, before you start slathering ghee in hair, make sure you do a patch test. We know you’re excited to see the ghee benefits for hair but trust us, you don’t want to end up with an allergic reaction on your scalp. Take a small amount of ghee and apply it to the back of your hand. Wait for a few hours to see if there are any allergic reactions. If not, go ahead and use it on your hair!
  • Quality of Desi Ghee: Next up, the quality of Ghee is crucial to its effectiveness. Choose ghee that’s made from grass-fed cows, which are free from harmful hormones and antibiotics. Desi Ghee that’s free from additives and chemicals will work wonders for your hair. And who doesn’t want to give their hair the best, right?
  • Washing Hair Properly: While Ghee can be an excellent hair conditioner, it’s essential to wash your hair properly after using it. Use a mild shampoo to wash off any residual ghee from your hair. If you skip this step, your hair may end up looking greasy and oily. And let’s face it, nobody wants to look like they haven’t washed their hair in days.

But, of course, like everything else, there are some side effects of using ghee on your hair, such as making your hair greasy and weighing it down. That’s why it’s important to use ghee in moderation and wash your hair properly after use.


In conclusion, it’s clear that Desi Ghee can offer some fantastic benefits for your hair. From improving hair growth to nourishing your scalp, there are many reasons why you should consider adding ghee to your hair care routine. And if you want the best quality ghee for your hair, look no further than AsmitA Organic Farms. Our range of Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee and Organic A2 Bilona Cow Ghee are made from the finest quality milk from grass-fed cows, free from chemicals and preservatives. So not only will you be treating your hair to the benefits of ghee, but you’ll also be doing it in the healthiest and most natural way possible. Try AsmitA Organic Ghee range today and see the difference it can make to your hair!

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